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    • Ian Craig

      'Furious Ambient'
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    • Jack Hertz

      A new Slow TV video. Set a'spell, take yer shoes off...
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    • Jon Johnson

      Studio maintenance is a virtue. Have you dusted down your synths lately? Keeping things clean and tidy makes for happy workin synths and a happy studio experience for you                                                                                                                                                                 
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    • Jack Hertz

      2012-03-01 - 5 years ago today my album "TIme" was released on the Free Floating music label. This has been one of my most noted recordings. Sincere thanks to Brad, and all you who have supported this endeavor. You don't know how much it means to me. read on.

      That said, its worth sharing the real story behind this album - one that I have not shared with the public before. In September of 2012, I was all set to fly to the East Coast to play the Electro-Music fest, Sonic Circuits fest, and other shows. When just two days before. I found out my cat Boo had terminal Cancer. I was devastated. Not knowing how long we had left. I didn't want to give up 2 weeks on tour to be away from her, so cancelled everything. I work from home, so the next few months were spent with her 24/7. Doing everything I could to make things comfortable, knowing that another day was not guaranteed. In those last 2-3 months, the tracks for this album were recorded. Every one of them is about our "Time" we had left - Drawn from the intense despair, and love that I had for one of my closest friends. Her name was "Boo" and she was such a brave, darling, sweet cat, with a heavy proclivity for mischief. I once found her up in the tree in our backyard, hanging out with two Raccoons, if that tells you anything. I will share a photo in the comments below for you see her.
      Please download a FREE (required) copy for yourself before "Time" passes by. Think of your loved ones when you listen, and be with them in the now, for me and for Boo.
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