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Fog Music 10 by Thomas Dimuzio


Posted by Aural Films In: Albums

(+) Listen at Bandcamp


Aural Films presents "Fog Music." A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy. Download Fog Music 10 by Thomas Dimuzio now from Aural Films at http://auralfilms.ba...um/fog-music-10



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No Heaven, No Forgiveness by Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves.


Posted by Aural Films In: Albums

(+) Listen at Bandcamp


Aural Films is thrilled to bring you a new release titled "No Heaven, No Forgiveness" by Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves. This dark ambient concept album inspired by the creepy pasta short story called "Gateway of the Mind." The duo returns for another horror-filled sonic journey featuring Scott's stark dronescapes with the haunting voice of Rebekkah Hilgraves. Download the album now at auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/no-heaven-no-forgiveness



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wavemansUnderground 2+2hrs Synth Ambient Drone Sequencer


Posted by waveman In: Radio

More than happy I am to play from France(3) again, friday 29 August thanks to all who hase send me their new and latest compositions. 
Waveman 20.00-22.00 CET: Didier Bocquet, Node, Lounasan, Bernard Szajner, Fred Yargui, Space Megalithe, Alpha Lyra, Christian Richet, Roland Bocquet, (*)Zanov, Colin Rayment, Annemarie Borg Antara, Phobos.........(*)Zanov, he is back after many yearsicon_cool.gif His new CD "Virtual Future" wil be released in September 2014. On friday 26 September I'll play from this album 1 or 2 tracks, but now his very 1st one "Green Ray" 
Norberts KapriOlen 22.00-24.00: Anna von Hausswolf, Valley Forge, Hagen von Bergen, Peter Gabriel, Cluster, Michael Brückner, Thomas Jung, Traumklang, Pink Floyd, Tilo Voigthaus.......... www.radiosunrise.de / radio Chat / als gast einloggen or subscribe ---Note--- Only in the chat info about musicians, labels, Concerts etc. ! Your Welcome

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J.Hertz, Introspectral: New LoFinest Show!


Posted by CIIIGoff In: Radio

Lo Finest Show #32 now online, featuring cassette home recordings from Encyclotronic artists and many others. 





Dave Fuglewicz - "Nuclear Destiny" (from Industrial Strength #1)
Dave Fuglewicz -  "Sly Dr. Fermento's Holiday" (from Industrial Strength #2)
Captain Mission - "Southern tier"  (from Analog Space)
Captain Mission - "Nova Libertatia" (from Analog Space)
Charles Rice Goff III - "Tomb Of The Unknown Textile Worker" (from Bare Arms On Public Streets)
Walls Of Genius - "Flying Cluck" (from Now Not Then)
Walls Of Genius - "Warning System Test" (from Now Not Then)
Walls Of Genius - "All My Loving" (from Now Not Then)
Introspectral - excerpts from "AGFA LNS 90"
Jack Hurwitz (Jack Hertz) - "Open Wide" (from Pointillism)
Jack Hurwitz (Jack Hertz) - excerpt from A Thin Drone Silence
Jack Hurwitz (Jack Hertz) - excerpt from A Thin Drone Silence


Ken Clinger - "Computer"  (from KC01)
Ken Clinger - "The Mind"  (from KC01)
Ken Clinger - "11:32" (from KC01)
Ken Clinger - "Three Of Us" (from KC02)
Ken Clinger - "Framework"  (from KC02)
Ken Clinger - "Started So Long"  (from KC02)
Linda Smith - "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" (from Do You Know The Way...)
Linda Smith - "Figment Of Your Imagination" (from Put It In Writing)
Linda Smith - "All I Did" (from Do You Know The Way...)
Linda Smith - "Girl On The Train" (from The Space Between The Buildings)
Ryan J. Boyd - "My Soul Realized" (from Happy Returns From The Dark Night Of The Soul)
Ryan J. Boyd - "Kurt Cobain In A Rocking Chair" (from Happy Returns From The Dark Night Of The Soul)
Ryan J. Boyd - "What Do You Do" (from Happy Returns From The Dark Night Of The Soul)
Ryan J. Boyd - "Invokation" (from The Other Side)
Ryan J. Boyd - "You Are An Idea" (from The Other Side)
Ryan J. Boyd - "Open Your Door" (from The Other Side)
Mind Skelp-chur - Mannequin Hands
Vraxoin - Loop Chain (from Impact)
Vraxoin - "Tensile" (from Tensile)


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Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun EXTENDED (Pink Floyd Cover)


Posted by Head Joint In: Listening Booth

was listening to "a saucerful of secrets" album and decided i want to try out doing a cover of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun...obviously wont be the exact same nor as good but was still fun to make.. this is the extended version..this is now 13 minutes.. hope you enjoy..

instruments in this song are: bass, drums, guitar, hammond b3 organ, synth, glockenspiel, gong, moog, and a nature soundscape



(+) Listen at SoundCloud

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Fire Gathering by Morris/Mystified


Posted by Jack Hertz In: Listening Booth

Watch this video I created for "Fire Gathering" by Morris and Mystified from their new album, "Evolution." Please share this with others to help spread the work about their new release now available here http://spottedpeccar...shop/evolution/


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[TXR085] TRANSPARENT BODY - Abstract Resonances


Posted by Oval Gemini In: Albums

Seven pure dark ambient themes for sepulchral awakenings or to accompany some autarchist activities.

Artist : Transparent Body
Title : Abstract Resonances
Catalog # : TXR085
Duration : 43:50
Date of release : August 12, 2014
Genres : dark ambient, drone, noise
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link :


http://textural-rec.com/ abstract-resonances/



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Ombra - Revisited by Michael Brückner (CD + more)


Posted by Michael Brückner In: Albums

First, the summary in a nutshell:

Originally, Ombra was recorded in late 2009 / early 2010 and released as a free digital download on the pages of the Moscow based ambient community "AmbiOne" (it's not available there anymore, though).

Now, the album sees a re-release as industrially pressed CD in a limited edition of a total of 100 copies on Hagen von Bergen's label BI-ZA Records.

On this occasion the album was completely remastered, partly remixed, several tracks were even rearranged, or completely reworked.

Together with this CD comes also the original version from 2010, and a wealth of bonus items.

You can pre-listen parts of the album (and also purchase it) here:

Ombra - Revisited

There's also a (quite extended) video about this project on YouTube, that - in addition to let You hear more than 45 minutes of musical excerpts set to atmospheric images) also informs You about all the different aspects of the release, and especially about the concept of the personalised bonus album (see below):

Explore the world of Ombra!

Now, the details: 

In which form (download or CD-R) the original version is included, and how much bonus content comes with it, depends on which version of this current edition You choose - there are two...

A. The standard version contains:

1. the (industrially pressed) CD "Ombra - Revisited" as a physical item, in a standard jewel case, with full artwortk; it's a limited edition (100 copies), and in the cover there's a little field for number, name, and a little autograph by me...

2. the original version of "Ombra" (as first released in early 2010) as download

3. a considerable amount of bonus tracks which all come from the sessions which resulted in the original release of Ombra (with one exception)

B. The Special Version contains:

1. the (industrially pressed) CD "Ombra - Revisited" as a physical item, in a standard jewel 2-CD case, with full artwortk, together with...

2. the original version of "Ombra" (as first released in early 2010) as CD-R (so NOT industrially pressed, but still "physical"...)

3. a considerable amount of bonus tracks which all come from the sessions which resulted in the original release of Ombra (with one exception)

4. the * personalised * additional album "Your Second Shadow", as CD-R in a (to 90 %) hand made cardboard "case" (completely designed by me) with artwork, and a (very brief) handwritten personal message from me inside...

But what exactly does "personalised" mean...?

It means, that all the 100 albums are, while basically similar and containing "related" material, DIFFERENT from each other for EACH individual person who is purchasing one...



Finally, the history lesson - this is from an oldish interview, where I spoke about the evolution of the original version of Ombra:

"Already a long while ago, Timothy Bukrin suggested that I could release some of my music at Ambione (Thank You for that, Tim!). I agreed, and decided to produce a new album for this occasion instead of using one of my older recordings.

At that time, I had already started several projects that seemed promising, but for one reason or another they all didn’t develop like expected, or at least not into a direction I felt was suitable.

Then, in the summer of 2009, my wife Cäcilia and me were invited to perform at the wedding party of two old friends, and in addition to composing some tracks for that occasion, I also produced two long tracks (about an hour each), to use them as a sonic background that could be faded in or out while I was performing with the synthesizers.

One of the tracks consisted of long spheric sounds, all playing the note F, while the other was a mix of atonal drones and noises. In both tracks the sound colours were constantly changing, sometimes smooth and slowly, sometimes dramatically.

Now, while developping my live set, it became clear at some point that I would not make use of these background tracks, and I put them on my archive harddisk.

In December 2009 then, while checking unfinished material, I gave the two tracks a re-listen, thought they were interesting and decided to try and produce some extra material (like pads, drone, chords, sequences and beats) that could be mixed against those first tracks in an ebb-and-flow fashion, to get one long, ever-evolving soundscape.

To produce those pads, chords etc. I first invented short phrases, recorded them and fed them to a sampler to toy around with them and process them further. This simple technique yielded so surprisingly good results, that in the end the “pads” evolved into pieces that were complete in themselves, and after doing three of them I realized that this could finally grow into an album that was suitable for my release on Ambione (so I gave the whole project the working title “Ambient Russia”).

In the end, the original long tracks were prominent in just two or three pieces, and in some of the transitions. I liked the resulting album very much, and sent it to some friends to get their feedback, which was positive."

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AURAL -- Oriental Thunder Two


Bedtime for me; here is latest release.  I seem to be stuck in an "oriental groove"... :ninja:  Heaphones if you will!

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