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A album by Johan Tronestam


Posted by Johan T In: Albums




Presents an album that I released in July 2014 through the label SynGate records.
The album's name is Compunctio.
You can listen to it on Bandcamp.

(+) Listen at Bandcamp
Best wishes
Johan Tronestam

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Ars Sonor "Exit" (a.k.a. "The First Circle")


Posted by fjärilen In: Albums



old stuff again -> to be remastered & reissued as "the first circle" later

click here to listen to the album on bandcamp


[a part of the series that i planned for next few years]


"the outer limits" was dealing with perspectives of physical survival, deportation, untimely death... (second album in "l1mbo" trilogy)

"the first circle" a.k.a. "exit" was dealing with rejection, absence of reciprocity, self-deception, feeling of worthlessness

"the second circle" was dealing with uncertainty and vivid dreams

"the third circle" (planned for release this year) deals with the aftermath of actions, feeling of wandering around in circles and more



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Alesis Andromeda ASIC Board Repair


Some time ago I bought a cheap spare A6 ASIC board with faulty filter 2 on voice 14. As I already bought some spare chips it was my intention to find a technician who could eventually replace the faulty chip.

But, in the meantime I bought a proper soldering/desoldering stations and I decided to do it by myself.

There are two important steps here: desoldering the old chip and soldering the new one. I planned to use hot air station for desoldering but even after practicing the procedure on lots of old PC motherboards and cards, I still wasn't confident enough to repeat it with the ASIC board. The problem is - there are a lot of small SMD components around the chip and I was afraid I could blew some of them away using hot air. OK, the solution was to fix them using a kapton tape but still - I didn't have enough confidence to do this.

As I didn't have to save the old chip, I decided to use a sharp jewelry pliers (like those) to cut all pins one by one and desolder them using a regular soldering iron. This is rather slow process and patience is the key (cut a pin - desolder a pin) but I wasn't in a hurry. Another good side of this approach is that you don't really apply any excessive thermal stress on the board.

After cutting/desoldering all pins and removing the chip I carefully removed (using a solder wick) the remaining solder from the pins on the board. Again, patience is the key because you don't want to damage or lift off the pins. You really have to remove all remaining solder - to have a nice clean surface which makes aligning of the new chip much easier.

Now goes the soldering. The correct chip orientation and precise alignment is the key here. After you align the chip just solder one corner (one pin), then correct the alignment a little if necessary and solder the opposite corner. The rest is, more or less, straightforward. I don't spare flux because it makes all steps much easier and you can simply clean the excessive flux after you are done with soldering. And I usually use higher temperature which (in combination with proper amount of flux) makes soldering easier as well - just one short touch per pin. Don't worry if you accidently bridge two pins together - just use solder wick to remove excessive solder.

That's it ...

A skilled professional can do all this much faster using hot air but I am perfectly satisfied with the result produced by the above method - the board tuned perfectly and continued to do so for the last few weeks :)

Disclaimer #1: If you try to do this by yourself then I am not responsible if you damage the board/chip, burn your fingers or house, kill yourself or your dog, etc.

Disclaimer #2: I have enough A6 spare boards and chips to keep me and my two Andromedas (Andromedae?) safe for years to come. But I don't sell those chips and boards, no way.

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Fog Music 16 by White Origins


Posted by Aural Films In: Albums

(+) Listen at Bandcamp


Aural Films presents "Fog Music." A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy. Download  Fog Music 16 by White Origins now at https://auralfilms.b...um/fog-music-16



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Timethod by ARS SONOR & TOTAL E.T.


Posted by Aural Films In: Albums

(+) Listen at Bandcamp


Aural Films is happy to announce a new release by ARS SONOR & TOTAL E.T. titled "Timethod." These artists have come together to produce a wonder filled collection of recordings that evade category. Mixing elements of drones, noise, field recordings and flowing harmonics to create a neither world of sonic delicacies. This album is said to be the first part of a wonderfully enchanting journey that will continue in subsequent releases. Download the album now at https://auralfilms.b.../album/timethod



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Released today : JACK HERTZ - Black Sea (Gronde Murmure)


Posted by John Cobains In: Albums

We welcome Jack Hertz on the Gronde Murmure netlabel.


(+) Listen at Bandcamp


(+) Listen at Archive.org

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Ars Sonor & M.Nomized "Future Journeys"


Posted by fjärilen In: Albums



[old stuff] ::: [good stuff] ::: [to be reissued with bonus tracks and remixes later]

[keywords:  journeys, time, space, dimension, earthly, unearthly, tardis]

[click here to listen to the album on bandcamp]




actually a split, first three tracks produced solely by M.Nomized using my base tracks;

last three tracks are original;

additional quest for listeners: find the tardis on all pics, including pics for the tracks;



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upcoming release


  from soon to be released album 'Glass Jungle'...


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