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    This is my current weekly programme. It's not entirely electronic, and some weeks may not have any at all, but it's part of the name, so has a large representation. Unfortunately, it is only an hour, so longer pieces rarely get heard, but I try to when I can. Everything from classic studio type works to current high-tech wonders, though I tend to steer away from overly beat-driven or "pop" sounding tracks. http://www.ciut.fm/shows-2/music-shows/electric-sense/
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    THREE WILLOW PARK: ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM INNER SPACE, 1961–71, a new collection of previously unreleased Raymond Scott electronica, will be issued on June 30 by Basta. The album features 61 unreleased tracks, many showcasing Scott's Motown-era Electronium, a device that composed using programmed intelligence. The long-awaited followup to Manhattan Research Inc. will be available in 3-LP, 2-CD, and digital formats. 3WP also features the Circle Machine, the Clavivox, the Bass-Line Generator, Bandito the Bongo Artist; tone, melody, and sound effects generators; sequencers and modulators; tape montages; and acoustic instruments and voices.