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    Encyclotronic an expression of our passion for electronic music that has developed over 30+ years. After many years of searching for electronic music all over the world. We made it our mission to create an exhaustive archive that could support all aspects of Electronic Music. As an art form and a culture, to encompass the Music, Instruments and the People behind it. This site is for everyone to discover and share music, instruments, radio and all things electronic music. The basic foundation is being developed with the help of yours and community's feedback. If you find something we have NOT done. We want you to add it with the tools we created to do so. How You Can Participate We want your information, opinions, feedback and suggestions. If you have any desire to research and share knowledge on any aspect of Electronic Music - or just point out mistakes thave have been made. We want your help with growing the site by adding information about yours and your favorite music and instruments. Even better, we have setup the Libraries to include dedicated forum comments and reviews for everything you do. Be it an individual or company, with an new album to share, gear to present, or events to announce. We encourage you to make use of the site to connect with old and new electronic music culture. If you don't see it, let us know. We are happy to respond, and make it happen if we can. Cut The Cords! One of the biggest features we worked on was to make Encyclotronic available everywhere. The site is designed to work with your phone, tablets, TV and Computers. We hope you will make this your EM home to PM, read, post, chat and share at home or on the GO! The Libraries The libraries were designed from the ground up to document information on a wide variety of electronic instruments, music, and more to come. With man parameters, the form is setup as a research guide to direct you on what to document for a given instrument. The fields are mostly optional, with a handful setup as "required" to ensure each record includes the essential data. Ideally, we want to include as much information as possible with the most common values pre-defined as check-boxes for fast and easy documentation. Optionally, we have created open "Notes" fields for the main sections to document the specific and uncommon information about an instrument. Updating Current Records We have done the best we can in our research, and surely made some mistakes. If you see any thing that is incorrect, incomplete or needs to be updated. You encouraged to update the record yourself. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the "Edit" link to access the content form. It is a long page, so best to search if its just one section you want to update. When done, you can save the changes at the bottom of the page. Don't worry if you make a mistake. We keep track of all the revisions and will review your changes before adding them. Adding New Records Adding a new library record is a bit different. You will want to prepare it by getting by gathering any text, images, links and extra files you can upload like manuals, patches, and other supporting documents. Once you have everything for the instrument, music, or patch ready. Go to the tab section and category you want to add to. Then click the blue "Add New" button. Then fill out the form to the best of your ability. Some of the fields are required, and must be completed to save the record. Once you are done, you can go back and update the form as needed. Don't worry if you make a mistake. We will review your entry and will ensure it is complete before adding the new item. Content Guidelines When adding any content to the databases. We request that you follow some guidelines for data gathering and entry: Do not copy full articles, reviews and other private content unless you have the rights to share the content. Sourcing information from Manuals, Ebay, Wikipedia and official product information are okay under fair use. Always link back to the original information that quotes and images were found, in the sources section. For instruments we want to see images of the front, panels, sides, connections, and back of the device. Add new items without a category to the "Misc" section. We will create categories and move them later. Account, Questions, Bugs and Support This site has a learning curve to be sure, but we hope those of you familiar with the classic forums model and or social networks will find this to be the best of both worlds. In any event, we expect you will have questions. Not to forget, this has been an 18 month development project and there are surely bugs in the system that we will want to catch and fix if we can. That said here are some ways to get help: Account Setup Site Questions Report Bugs Post all other questions in this topic (reply). Behind The Curtain Jon and I (Jack) are die-hard EM fiends since the early 1980s. We've been talking about doing this for 20 years. We finally pooled our decades of experience in music, publishing, retail, technology, and teaching into what you see today. With your help, we are committed to making this site a valuable resource for all EM fans, around the world. Read more about us on our profile pages: Jack Hertz Jon Johnson Join The Team! After 18 months of research and hard work. We are well aware of the challenge ahead of us. We cannot, and do not want to, do this alone. We are looking for people who are both interested in developing a great resource and an organization to make it happen. If you are interested in getting involved behind the scenes. Send me a Private Message with your thoughts on how you would like to contribute. EMjoy!
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    I played around with reel to reel tape and cassette players as a kid, making soundscapes, radio plays and some kind of basic music concrete before I knew it was a thing. Also loved to tune "in between the stations" on the radio listening to noise and lost sounds which were as much in the imagination as they were in the transmission. Growing up in Sweden I was exposed to Ralph Lundsten and loved where his music took me. At 16 I worked all summer so I could afford a second hand Korg Poly-61. If people ask me when I started making music, that's normally what I tell them. I am only just getting started after nearly three decades, fuelled by that same curiosity about what exists out there, hidden deep in the noise between those stations. I hope to one day be able to lift aside the veil of the universe to see what lies behind. I never stop experimenting and always try to create music/sounds with some kind of flow to it. And I like chocolate.
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    Hi everyone... just re-posting the info from one of my "home" labels Latex Records, that's it in a nutshell. The website's looking good going to quietly contribute albums, step by step, for now. Cheers from Sweden /Linnea
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    Been meaning to try this. Posted from my phone cam just now...
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    Encyclotronic v.0 is liquid smooth! My ears are loving this mix
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    Sounds, that's what this all means, to me. Like that Welcome mess. said. This site is a manifestation of my habituation with generalized electronic circuits, chips (also circuits), the occasional magnetized strips of polyethylene terephthalate (tape), and other facsimiles (apps) configured to allow any capable organism to manipulate air pressure waves to their own like, or dislike. Best defined by Bill Nelson as "painting with sound". I am interesting in the artistry, craftsmanship, culture, tools, and techniques of painting with sound... er uh, yeah.
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    Here is an assortment of sounds-- some wind instrument sounds, other processed field recordings, all free for remixing (with cc-attribution): https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/harmonica-drones https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/mystified-trombone-drone-samples https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/the-night https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/flute-drone-samples https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/pan-pipes-drone-samples https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/various-wind-instrument-drone-samples https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/fdrone-fragments https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/black-curtain-outtakes-scott-lawlor-with-mystified https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/industrial-curtain https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/sounds-for-urban-discourse-part-2 https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/sounds-for-urban-discourse Enjoy, and please remember to attribute.
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    Cheers everybody! :-) I found some time today to make a visit on Encyclotronic here after a long while, and hope all of You girls and guys are doing fine! :-) Cheers & all good wishes, Michael .
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    We are doing it again! Lingua Incognita - Monday 11/7, at the Makeout Room in SF...
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    PHOBoS on electro-music, designed and built this little synth based on a CMOS logic chip. It has a matrix of LED's which inspired me to make a video.
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    Welcome All! Quick tip: For a FB style "newsfeed" of all members activity, click on the "ENCYCLOTRONIC" header in the top left above the main menu on any page. You can also fine tune your activity feeds using the drop down menu titled "More" on the main menu at the top of any page
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    The floodgates are finally back open for music submissions! Thank you all for your patience If you're an ambient musician and you have something you feel might be suitable for StillStream please visit http://stillstream.fm/submissions/
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    Great pack, instantly wrote a little jam with my FM Volca.
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    Towards a New Industrial Music - Part 2
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    Ambient Sleeping Pill is a wonderfully curated online radio station. Very consistent in mood and tone. Tune in here: http://ambientsleepingpill.com/
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    A heavy dose of kosmische is in the new "Bergen" video from FAST RAILS.
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    Hello, all. My name is Michael Carlson, and my musical moniker is “remst8”. I don’t necessarily limit myself to any particular genre, but most of my work in recent years has been drone/ambient/experimental music. I've been playing with various tracker programs since 1991. I started with NoiseTracker/ProTracker on a friend's Amiga 500 and eventually bought my own A500, later finding my way to OctaMED. Making the jump to PC, I used ScreamTracker for a bit, then used Impulse Tracker for quite awhile. A couple years later I began using ModPlug Tracker, and was pretty heavy into that until discovering my current weapon (tracker) of choice: Renoise. Don't let that summary mislead you--I'm just a hobbyist, and I have a history of playing with a given tracker for a couple months, then life intervenes and pulls me away for far too long before I can find enough time to start all over again. So while I may have done some tinkering over several years, I consider my actual experience level with tracking music basically in the "novice" category. I have managed to keep at it more consistently the past couple years, though, so I hope I can keep that up. Cheers, Michael a.k.a. remst8
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    My father, CJrGoff's, Webcore portable reel-to-reel tape recorder. 1) I was 4 years old (1962), Fremont, California, USA 2) It was there in my home environment. When I discovered it, I thought it was magic. 3) It eventually just became mine because my Dad didn't really use it much. 4) I recorded all sorts of things, played them back fast, slow, punched in new sounds to get strange effects, eventually learned to edit with scissors, to loop, etc. 5) That old reel-to-reel sadly disappeared after my parents left the world of the living. I've owned at least 100 different types of tape recorders over the years. Today I own eleven. I've recorded at least 50 albums that employ Frippertronics style tape loops, produced at least 100 cassette albums (many of which were created on 4 track tape decks), and often still use cassettes (or microcassettes) to input sounds into "live" mixes/performances. Tape recording produces sounds that are impossible to achieve with other recording technologies making them not just machines for media storage, but genuine electronic instruments.
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    Nocturnal - Symatic Star
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    Great site ,I can see myself spending quite a bit of time here and also want to thank Charles Schriner for making me aware of its existence ..
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    Hello and welcome one and all. I've been a musician for 41 years. My background is in bass guitar and guitar. I've been playing and working with synthesizers and Electronic Music for about 35 years. I played in different bands/ensembles over the years from Jazz to Metal but it has been Electronic Music that's been the center of my musical universe much of the time. Likewise with synthesizers I enjoy the flexibility and different ways that "we" might use them. From the simplest to the most complex of them. However as I type these last words which probably should be first is "we" have to remember that its about the music not the gear which is all too easy to get wrapped up in. I look forward to interacting with all of you.
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    Great to be here... All looking very good! Thank You Jack, Jon ... Annemarie
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    So nice to see this site back and running Jack!
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    Kinda funny so far no one finds new music from Radio and Reviews
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    I guess you know that Mr. Hillage has just released a big box set which includes some unreleased System 7 stuff as well as a lot of older recordings, live stuff, remixes, etc. A few weeks back I tuned into this live interview on he did (two hours) on a little British radio station. I believe the full show is available on the link below for anyone interested, includes him playing music from people who have influenced him and lots of stuff from the box set: https://beta.mixcloud.com/interestin...llage-special/ (I hope this link still works... like I said, I heard it as it happened...) Keep up the good work, Jon, you've been sharing lots of interesting music here of late.
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    Suzanne Ciani - Buchla Concerts 1975
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    Hi, I am new to the encyclotronic community and I am very happy to be here.
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    Soldiers of Undeclared Wars. Veterans of Asphalt and Broken Glass. Field Nurses from North of Page. An album done, essentially, in the "New Industrial" style ,excepting the synthesizers in Frore's piece and a drone texture in the final piece. Thanks to Jack Hertz for the sounds on "Untitled" and Frore for his work on the Third Track. "Being places for masses of people to work and survive, cities involve a depersonalizing quality. That is necessary, as the resources of the urban environment have to function for a broad spectrum of people with different needs. The bus has to work for us all (or as many as is possible), the courthouse must allow us to pass through and have our say and experience, and since we are all involved, not one of us particularly is, but us as a community. Hence the depersonalization. A new industrial music should capture this effect as well, being similarly accessible to many people, and similarly abstract or non-emotive." -- Thomas Park, "A Manifesto For 'The New Industrial' Music", 2016 https://archive.org/details/SalvationArmy
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    Tones Timbre - Jack Hertz
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    Free-- samples of the Earth's sonic discharges (sferics): https://mystified.bandcamp.com/album/sferics-samples
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    If you live in Central PA (as in, near Bloomsburg/Danville/Lewisburg), then please check out our Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Susquehanna-Experimental-Music-Sound/
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    Greetings from across the Missouri divide! I just used some of your samples on a new sort of lyrical "song" -- best description for the genre would be "Dream Composition" (see the notes). I posted it on the Experimental Collaboration site: Tapegerm. If you haven't heard of it before, you sadly missed the heyday by about 10 years -- but the site lives on, and you can still go there, use samples, post samples, and collaborate. I'm used some of Jack Hertz's Tapegerm samples on this piece too. Why not join up yourself? Here tis -- I hope you dig.... From The Crow's Nest
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    I am sharing my YouTube channel, and asking you to subscribe, as it has over several hundred original indie drone, ambient and industrial ambient videos. Work appears by artists such as Rapoon and Nocturnal Emissions, among many others. I am still adding videos often-- feel free to browse, or try one of the playlists, including a longform playlist with enough music to fill an entire day. https://www.youtube.com/user/mystified13
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    The Deprogramming Center Avant Garde Radio Broadcasts On KOWS 107.3 From Sebastopol, California Midnight Every Other Friday (12:00 AM Saturdays), USA Pacific Time Hosted By Swami Loopynanda Replays Are Offered For About A Month After Airings From Links At Archive.Org If You Want Your Music Played On The Show, Let Me Know For Current Programs And Links To Current Shows, Go Here: The Deprogramming Center
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    Encyclotronic Volume 0 - Various Artists
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    New full length, studio release from remst8. Ambient, Drone, Experimental. And it's lovely http://remst8.bandcamp.com/album/accumulator
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    that is so familiar - as we got older, sitting in an old car in the rain with the windscreen wipers on and the radio between stations, the rhythm of the radio noise modulated by the wiper movements
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    This thing is high on my list of things to get. A tad expensive, and a gnarly beast to tame but she really purrs with a bit of practice.
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    The site looks excellent gentlemen, thank you for creating it
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    Congrats and hello!
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    Rig is up and running May the muse be in my favor
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    Inuksuk by Jack Hertz & Mystified