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Ars Sonor "Cause and Effect"

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Posted by fjärilen In: Listening Booth

a little roughly mixed track from "The Third Circle", one of the most meaningful though in the whole discography...

electro / progressive trance (?) / darkwave / Ars Sonor - music as always quite out-of-the-box

still doing rough vocals, i just don't feel that healed / "happy" to sing properly,

although there is a bit of proper singing on previous recordings.


a bit of background regarding the track - basically i made this track in order to fit lyrics by someone called Linnea.

collaboration didn't work, nothing worked there, mostly my fault because i always "bite back" very hard like a true scorpio...

maybe i was wrong. but... what was done was done.

so i re-recorded the vocals, made my own lyrics, re-arranged the track a bit and here it is.

if i don't "bite" i suffer. but if i "bite" then the law of cause and effect "bites back". same result. same "circle" again.

starting from the same point again.

the theme of "circles" is going through the whole album. there are only two instrumental tracks btw.


listen here: http://kiwi6.com/file/wkpxe39nht




Every action must have a reaction 
And the consequences are harsh indeed all the time.
The karma hit me hard, harder than I thought.
It's useless to whine. I must produce some positive action.
Aggression is never productive. I learnt this from experience.
Maybe it was too late, but likely not too late, because
The life goes on, although everything could repeat
Until I learn from my mistakes and from that particular cause.
Cause and effect.
I live with consequences of everything I've done.
Everything has happened for the sake of education.
I want a re-boot of my life but I'm not sure if it helps or not,
I could escape the circle but could it be that promised salvation?
If any salvation was promised, I'm not sure about that.
Promises have little power, again, from my point of view.
Commitment is a rare thing, it seems like every time 
Everything ends up in the void. But again, it's useless to whine.
Some positive action must be produced all the time,
Unless I want to wander around in circles for the rest of my miserable life.
I want a re-boot of my life but I'm not sure if it helps or not,
I could escape the circle but could it be that promised salvation?
There's no one to exercise leniency on the case because there is no punishment.
Everything happens for the sake of education.
I'm not sure if it's whining or just venting everything out,
But the first step regarding positive action must be thinking about what I could live without.
I surely can survive without hypocrisy, without lies, 
Without manipulative attitude. But first I need to look at myself straight in the eyes.
To be honest is not enough, I need to give up on being pushy and aggressive,
And manipulative (just a bit), and unstable, and obsessive.
I'm not being harsh at myself, it's a cold truth.
But I will be better than that.
I'm heading towards the path of perfection.
A cold white lightning embraces my path.
The lightning embraces me and shines through me, 
I never forget that all energy is a form of life, and so, the ultimate action 
Will be that I will go with the lightning 
Towards the path of perfection.

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Just Mixing It UP

Yesterday, 10:20 AM

Posted by Head Joint In: Listening Booth

was just messing around in cubase.. hope you enjoy..



(+) Listen at SoundCloud

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Ars Sonor "Underneath the Stone Mountain"

Yesterday, 07:28 AM

Posted by fjärilen In: Albums



again... old stuff, melodies are absent, the recording reminds Scorn a bit.

recorded in extreme circumstances (while being homeless - literally - winter 2012-2013).

click here to listen to the album on bandcamp.


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Thomas Köner.


Posted by Meho In: Now Listening

Have been listening a lot to Thomas Köner.



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Fog Music Live 1 by Various Artists


Posted by Aural Films In: Albums

(+) Listen at Bandcamp


Listen to live Fog Music music from the Fog Raiser event held on October 18, 2014 at the Second Act in San Francisco, CA. Live recordings include performances by Carolyn Fok, Matt Dean, Jack Hertz & rizorkestra, and Viv Corringham & Transbay Multimedia Consort. Click though to each track to read details about the performers. Download the Fog Music Live 1 album now from Aural Films at https://auralfilms.b...og-music-live-1


There is also some video clips from the event at the following link:




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Posted by I.v. Martinez In: Albums

Aural Films presents "Fog Music." A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy.
FREE DOWNLOAD - If you enjoyed this music. Please make a small donation or "Like" and share the album with others to help promote the artist. A Free MP3 download is available here: archive.org/details/Fog-music-18-TRIvM 


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My letter of taking a refreshing vacation ;)


So I am kind of not making music for a while.. it all in the link below



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Void past by Arsq (Petroglyph Music)


Posted by Head Joint In: Albums

We welcome "Arsq" to our label with a really great ep.

Arsq is a Exprimental project from Tehran,Iran.



(+) Listen at Bandcamp




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Phantom Limbs (Moog Fest)


Posted by Head Joint In: Listening Booth

this song began as Moog Fest 1 and then we released Moog Fest 3.. this version is the final version of the song and has had it's name changed to this. this version is also done using a remastered part 3 of the moog series. gave #3 to victor and he added vocals to it.. hope you all enjoy this progressive rock journey...




(+) Listen at SoundCloud

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Call for submissions to Crna Zemlja Netlabel


I would like to invite artists to submit track / tracks, to Crna Zemlja Netlabel.


You can read more on my blog: http://crna-zemlja.blogspot.com/


The Netlabel : https://crnazemljane...l.bandcamp.com/


Best regards,



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