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  1. The Multivox MX-51 is an analog based electric piano model with 3 available presets and 3 knobs for tuning, volume,, and sustain. It has a 61 key keyboard and a plywood body. View full synthesizer
  2. Multivox MX-51
  3. The Multivox Pulser also known as the MX-75 is a preset synthesizer with aftertouch. It also features cv gate for external control and editing of onboard presets. It also has dual vco's, filter and an LFO. View full synthesizer
  4. Multivox Pulser MX-75
  5. The Keytek CTS 5000R sound module is 19 inch rack mountable version of the Keytek 5000 synthesizer keyboard. It features 8 bit compressed sound samples and the same wavetable synthesizer engine as it's sibling the CTS 5000. There are common on board keyboard sounds like piano, bass, rhodes, clavinet and more. The sounds are based on wave tables stored in 8 bit format. The sound is very similar to the Roland D-50 synthesizer of the same era however it is a wave table based synthesizer where you get one wave table per voice.The unit operates in stereo and also has velocity response. View full synthesizer
  6. Keytek CTS-5000R
  7. The Multivox MX-150 - Basky II is an organ-style bass pedal that offers a lot more and is similar to the Moog model bass pedals with synth featiures such as filter cutoff and resonance. the unit has 5 knobs and 7 switches for manipulating the sound. The button style switches let the player raise the octave up or down, hold the sound, change the attack, and mute or expand sound. Expand is Multivox's term for filter resonance. View full synthesizer
  8. Multivox MX-150 - Basky II
  9. The Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic synthesizer manufactured from 1977-1978. It has six voices. Piano, strings, clavichord, honky-tonk, piano and organ. The voices themselves are different combinations of the filter and envelope positions that you can switch between. The filter is controlled with an envelope with 3 modes. A fast attack/fast decay mode, an ‘expand’ mode with resonance emphasis, and a fast attack/slow decay mode. View full synthesizer
  10. Multivox MX-65
  11. The Multivox MX-3000 is a combination of 3 synths in one. A monophonic Bass-synth. This synth is capable of 3 kinds of bass-sounds: soft, medium & sharp, and only playable on the lowest 2 octaves View full synthesizer
  12. Multivox MX-3000
  13. The MULTIVOX SQ-Ol Mini Music Lab SEQUENCE SYNTHESiZER is a monophonic multi- sound producing source (a synthesizer) and a digital recording device (a computer memory storage sequencer) in one compact control box The 80-01 Mini Music Lab is to music what the calculator is to math. AC. or 12 Volt DC. power and memory storage backup help make the SQ1-Ol Mini Music Lab a complete self contained unit, allowing the composer/perforrner to create sounds and compositions anywhere and record them for immediate or future playback and editing. The ease of operation allows someone with no previous musical background to compose and playback compositions flawlessly. Performers are able to perform on a synthesizer and program their own accompanist! Composers are able to compose, edit and store melodies for playback and comparison! Students will have an electronic instructor for sight reading imitation, composition and theory! Teachers will have an aid in music theory instruction, composition and reading! Everyone will now be able to create music and enjoy the immediate reward of hearing flawless results! The 80-01 Mini Music Lab allows standard musical notation to be transferred to simple graphic notation that instructs the programmer/performer to enter a pitch and the length of time that pitch will be held The music is recorded and stored into any one or all of sixteen possible channels tor a possible 1024 note capacity. The seven octave range oscillator, pulse and sawtooth waveform generator, 24 dB low pass filter and envelope controls interact tor the infinite sound creation we have come to expect from the finest and most sophisticated synthesizers Optional BS-Ol Bass Pedal Controllers provide a unique automatic controllable bass pedal synthesizer that can transpose complete bass patterns of your creation. The SQ-Ol Mini Music Lab can be interlaced and synchronized with other labs and synthesizers for full Mini Lab ensembles and infinite creative potential. The 80-01 Mini Music Lab Sequencer’Synthesizer is the result of much thought, care, creativity and invention - Give the simple directions the attention they deserve. This and some creative exploration of your own will reveal the Mini Music Lab to be a musical tool of limitless potential View full synthesizer
  14. Multivox Firstman SQ1-01
  15. Keytek CTS 2000 View full synthesizer