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  1. Peter Frohmader - Macrocosm
  2. The Korg Rhythm 55B aka the KR-55B is an analog drum machine released in 1982. It's an updated version of the popular KR-55 released prior. The KR-55B has 96 preset patterns; 32 Intro patterns, 32 Fill-In patterns. More than double everything from the previous model. The KR-55B has the same overall features as the KR-55 including the assortment of knobs and buttons for adjusting volume of the drum sounds, rhythms and type of beat. View full drum machine
  3. Korg Rhythm 55B KR-55B
  4. The Korg Rhythm 55 aka the KR-55 is an analog drum machine released in 1979. It features an assortment of knobs and buttons for adjusting rhythms and type of beat. The connections of the unit feature a select switch on back for quatising beats, a trigger out, and two audio outs for high and low connectivity for difference setups. The unit is non programmable but the tempo could be controlled and there are volume sliders for mixing the sounds as well a shuffle function . The sound of the hi-hats are said to be similar to the Roland TR-808 and more complex. View full drum machine
  5. Korg Rhythm 55 KR-55
  6. Yes, it's digital and we're proud of it! We are making a very hands-on, groundbreaking new synth having plenty of knobs and switches To shape any sound parameter thats in it. Nothing to look up in menus! MODOR NF-1 The Modor NF-1 synth is a digital DSP synth very comparable to the classic Virtual Analog synths, but Modor is moving further on from this point. We use the classic structure of VA-synths, with oscillators, filters and effects, with parameters that can be modulated using LFO's and envelopes. But every element has been rethought and reinvented. In a digital way. The NF-1 has a classic 12dB/oct resonant filter, but we are also giving it a versatile formant filter, never seen in hardware before! It does make classic sawtooth waves, but we're also including a lot of other brand new modulatable noisy waveforms! It has a classic delay effect, but we make every parameter editable to give way to special unexpected effect types! And so on... View full synthesizer
  7. Modor NF-1
  8. New since April 2017, the Modor NF-1m! The NF-1m is the NF-1's little brother in all aspects. It has the exact same sound engine, packed in a smaller housing. 100% nf-1 power at a smaller price tag! The original Modor NF-1 has one main disadvantage: it's quite big and heavy. Not your favourite piece of hand luggage to carry around. So we decided to make a smaller, portable version. And of course, a smaller device means a smaller price... ! This comes of course with a smaller number of front panel controls... The Modor NF-1m has 7 context dependent controls grouped in 15 edit pages with a set of 6 push buttons to access these pages quickly. Every parameter is just a button press away! Not unimportant, the NF-1m has new rotary controls with a more stable feeling than the controls on the original NF-1. Next to that, there are 2 large 'definable controls', DEF1 and DEF2. These controls can be assigned to any sound parameter so that you can 'preselect' two parameters in every patch to have a permanent dedicated control on the front panel. This makes it easy to access your favorite parameters, no matter in which edit page you are... View full synthesizer
  9. Modor NF-1m
  10. softPop is a playfully organic, semi-modular light and sound synthesizer with wide variety of sounds: from random dripping water pops to heavy subtractive basslines. Its fully analog core consisting of a heavily feedbacked system of dual triangle-core oscillators, state variable filter and sample and hold is played through an intuitive interface of 6 faders that provide countless combinations which can be explored by anyone. It can also process external audio thru the filter while using the envelope follower to intuitively synchronise to the incoming signal. Extensive mini patchbay offers lots of reconfigurability and 3 jacks A,B,C can be used to send signals in or out of the patch bay. Battery operation, built in speaker and carrying handle make it the ultimate picnic boombox! The analog soul is enhanced by a quantize feature (auto-tune) and pattern generator with two memories A and B. For adventurous and courageous souls there is a secret chamber in the back for hacking & modding. View full synthesizer
  11. BASTL Instruments softPop
  12. Your trusted rhythm partner Power-up your practicing with diverse rhythm patterns! A great companion for practicing guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, winds, or any type of instrument! The KR mini - an easy, simple and compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional batter power for play-anywhere convenience! View full drum machine
  13. Korg KR mini
  14. The MFB Dominion Club is the newest version of their Dominion 1 synthesizer with updated features and is more affordable than it's previous model. The format is much smaller as well. The unit offers 2 analog VCOs and a digital oscillator with 2 sub oscillators. It has morphing between parameters, like filter mode, oscillator waveshape and LFO waveshape. The filter is a 24db and offers low pass, high pass, bandpass and notch slopes. It can also do ring modulation and sync. It has a built in 8 bar sequencer which records everything in real time including parameter changes and saved. It also has a USB MIDI interface. View full synthesizer
  15. MFB Dominion Club