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  1. Electronic Dream Plant WASP Deluxe
  2. The last Wasp revision was named the Deluxe. It offered virtually the same circuitry (but on a redesigned PCB) to the other two Wasps, but with the additional moving keyboard. The deluxe also featured an external audio input to its filter, and mix controls for the Oscillators, and external input levels. Rumour states that around 80 deluxes were produced before the demise of EDP. View full synthesizer
  3. Time Spinners: The Great Attactor - Fiesel, Hertz & Lawlor
  4. WOWIE that looks the bastard child of 3-4 different synths. I want one.
  5. Electronic Dream Plant WASP
  6. The Wasp was undoubtedly EDP's most famous product, distinctive for its black/yellow colour scheme and brittle construction. It was notorious for its lack of a mechanical keyboard; instead, it used flat conductive copper plates, hidden under a silk-screened vinyl sticker. This was claimed by some to be unreliable, unintuitive, and devoid of much of the expression present with a real keyboard. Despite these flaws, the Wasp was in fact fairly advanced technologically. View full synthesizer
  7. Music Computing ControlBLADE
  8. Fulfill your destiny. The new ControlBLADE represents a new era in performance and value. Never before has it been possible to have this much power and functionality inside a single product at such a low price. The new ControlBLADE utilizes the latest Intel i5 and i7 processors, up to 32GB of RAM, GPU processing and open PCIe slots for expansion to let you create freely. Make your dream come true with the ControlBLADE. View full synthesizer
  9. Erica Synths Black Classic System
  10. Integrated modular system with functionality of classical two oscillator synthesizer and tons of cool features to address contemporary needs of modular users in Erica Synths skiff case. The heart of the system is two Polivoks inspired Black Varishape VCOs. Unique waveform mixer, PWM circuit and most importantly transistor based suboscillators will bring you one of the fattest sounding VCOs you can get around. View full synthesizer
  11. Erica Synths Pico System I
  12. We proudly can say that Erica Pico System I is the world’s smallest modular synthesizer of its functionality. It contains wisely selected modules so that beginners are introduced with basics of modular synthesizers and advanced users can play hours long live gigs. Pico System comes with patch book and 25 patch cables so you can start patching it right away! View full synthesizer
  13. Erica Synths DIY Polivoks Clone Module Bundle
  14. The Erica Synths DIY Module Bundle is a 84HP two- VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical monosynths. This is not just a Polivoks clone. View full synthesizer
  15. Mellotron M4000D Mini Keyboard