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  1. Altair Estradin 231
  2. Altair 231 is an almost identical copy of the famous Moog Minimoog, made in the former Soviet Union. Biggest difference in sound is caused by different brand of components: Russian equivalents are used everywhere. View full synthesizer
  3. With today's music becoming increasingly diverse and demanding, it's important that you, as a keyboard player, are able to get the sound you want as easily as possible. We're not saying that our MX-880 is THE ONE instrument, that will eliminate the need for all others, but then, what is? We do know that it can be a valuable tool in the realization of your musical ideas. With the MX-880's advanced circuitry it is possible to achieve an infinite number of sounds instantly, and without the hassle of patch cords. This way you can keep your mind on your performance and your music, not your equipment. View full synthesizer
  4. Mulitvox MX-880 Analog Synthesizer
  5. Multivox MX-20 Electronic Combo Piano
  6. The MX-20 was nn electric piano produced from 1977 to 1978. Had five presets (high/low piano and clavichord and 'honky tonk') and a bass split with independent volume control. 61 key keyboard. Tune, Sustain and vibrato controls. View full synthesizer
  7. The Voice of America - Cabaret Voltaire
  8. Telefunken Volkstrautonium Trautonium
  9. The Trautonium is a monophonic electronic musical instrument invented about 1929 by Friedrich Trautwein in Berlin at the Musikhochschule's music and radio lab, the Rundfunkversuchstelle. Soon Oskar Sala joined him, continuing development until Sala's death in 2002. View full synthesizer
  10. Computer Music - Jack Hertz
  11. Pin Electronics The Hornet
  12. Hornet modular synthesizer, handmade classical portable modular synthesizer with subtractive / FM analogue synthesis. View full synthesizer
  13. Alesis A6 Andromeda Real Analog Synthesizer
  14. ANS Box Set - Coil
  15. ANS Synthesizer Photoelectronic Instrument
  16. ANS - Coil
  17. The ANS synthesizer is a photoelectronic musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1957. The technological basis of his invention was the method of graphical sound recording used in cinematography (developed in Russia concurrently with USA), which made it possible to obtain a visible image of a sound wave, as well as to realize the opposite goal—synthesizing a sound from an artificially drawn sound spectrogram. View full synthesizer
  18. The Man-Machine - Kraftwerk
  19. The Man-Machine (German: Die Mensch-Maschine) is the seventh studio album by German electronic music band Kraftwerk, released in May 1978. It includes the singles "The Model" and "The Robots". The first German pressing was on red vinyl. Upon its release, the NME stated: "The Man-Machine stands as one of the pinnacles of 1970s rock music." Although the album was initially unsuccessful on the UK Albums Chart, it reached a new peak position of number nine in February 1982, becoming the band's second highest-peaking album in the United Kingdom after Autobahn (1974). The Man-Machine was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) on 15 February 1982, denoting shipments in excess of 100,000 copies. The Man-Machine is the first Kraftwerk album to have Karl Bartos co-credited as a composer along with Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. Emil Schult co-wrote the lyrics for "The Model". In October 2009, a remastered edition of the album was released on CD and digital download by Mute Records in Europe and by Astralwerks in the United States, with heavyweight vinyl editions released in November 2009. The NME wrote a glowing review and said: "Kraftwerk manage to convey the entire 'melange of elements' by musical means alone: the sparsity of the lyrics leaves the emphasis squarely on those robot rhythms; chilling tones and exquisite melodies." Critic Andy Gill also praised the "complexity of construction", saying "there's a lot more than electronic percussion in there". View full album
  20. Electronic Dream Plant Gnat
  21. The Gnat was a single-oscillator version of the Wasp. Anthony Harrison-Griffin an independent product designer was responsible for the design and build of the Gnat, drawing on the basic design and colour scheme of the already well established Wasp. View full synthesizer
  22. Electronic Dream Plant WASP Deluxe
  23. The last Wasp revision was named the Deluxe. It offered virtually the same circuitry (but on a redesigned PCB) to the other two Wasps, but with the additional moving keyboard. The deluxe also featured an external audio input to its filter, and mix controls for the Oscillators, and external input levels. Rumour states that around 80 deluxes were produced before the demise of EDP. View full synthesizer
  24. ARP Electronic Music Synthesizer Series 2600
  25. Time Spinners: The Great Attactor - Fiesel, Hertz & Lawlor