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  1. Well I ran into a problem with my current laptop. It doesn't have any ram to process LIVE. Tried several different sticks but it won't accept any of them. So I saved up some money and now looking for a new pc that can handle all that LIVE has to give. I have done a few practice runs in LIVE and getting the hang of it, but there is a lot to learn. Ive been using Reaper for a long time (still love it too). It's a great DAW. LIVE really seems like the ultimate DAW for everything for me. There are many time saving techniques involved once you learn how it all works. LIVE has 2 views, Performance view and Composition view (traditional). The performance view can be really quick and handy to set up your new track. The built-in instruments and efx are really good and the DAW is very good about accepting other vsts, something kinda hit and miss with my Reaper experience. Really looking forward to my new pc (when I make a decision) so I can explore LIVE much deeper
  2. Yeah look at that... usb ports for days!!!
  3. Love the hardware! Wouldn't want to deal with win10 on a small machine though. But this will just be the beginning of this field.
  4. Sweet video, cool synth!
  5. Korg Volca Beats
  6. Real analog sounds created with reference to classic rhythm machines. The volca beats provides six of the sounds for which the greatness of analog shines most clearly: Kick, Snare, Hi Tom, Lo Tom, Closed Hi Hat, and Open Hi Hat. Paying careful attention to the standard sounds that are indispensable for dance music and that are included on numerous synthesizers and sampling CDs, we've designed powerful new sounds that could not be produced by any means other than analog. View full drum machine
  7. Great idea, Thomas!
  8. Drums and Synths Rule!

  9. A digital autoharp!
  10. Did you see John Barlow there by chance?
  11. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I would've loved to have attended that! Cool that they got DJ Spooky and others to perform some too! Thx for the pics!
  12. Encyclotronic v.0 is liquid smooth! My ears are loving this mix:listen:

  13. Dave....I see your gif Dave

  14. Alright where do I find active moving avatars like that? (Y)

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      Shane Morris

      Ah that doesn't sound too hard with instructions. I'm already familiar with winMMaker. Thanks!


    4. Jon Johnson
  15. Yep didn't know if I had just been in the wrong places, but I haven't found much breakbeat/drum n bass/jungle CC. I've had enough 4x4 for at least 1/2 a lifetime