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  • VirSyn Addictive Synth

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    It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. The unique dynamic wavetable synthesis allows you to explore an unprecedented wide range of sonic territory. From acid loops, crystal clear percussions, realistic human choirs to complex musical soundscapes nothing seems impossible with only a handful parameters to tweak.

    The new spectral noise generator adds a new dimension to the already huge sound universe of Addictive Synth. This generator is the first of its kind and allows for extraordinarily detailed control over the dynamic spectrum of the noisy part of sounds. Despite its complexity it's pretty easy to use and integrates naturally into the sound design philosophy of Addictive Synth.

    Together with the intelligent randomizer for both sounds and arpeggios you will loose any sense of time and space while exploring unknown sonic territories.
    Right from the beginning you'll understand why it's named Addictive.

    ***Best iPad Apps of the Week*** AppAdvice.com

    "Addictive Synth fixes your craving for a massively customizable synthesizer experience on the iPad." - AppAdvice.com

    "App Of The Week" at iDesignSound.com


    Dynamic wavetable synthesizer

    • Six dynamic wavetable oscillators per voice, up to 48 total.
    • Continuous morphing between two oscillator sets.
    • Realtime editing of up to 128 partials (overtones).
    • Realtime editing of filter structure to create arbitrary body resonances.
    • Extensive modulation possibilities using up to 4 LFOs and 4 Envelopes.
    • Control matrix allows real time control of five parameters using the X/Y touch pad, the modulation wheel and the tilt sensors of the iPad. 
    • Monophonic or polyphonic with 8 voices.
    • 128 factory presets, unlimited user presets can be shared. 
    • Up to three effects concurrently usable selected from: equalizer, phaser, flanger, chorus and stereo/cross delay.


    • Play melodies live with the onscreen keyboard. Drag fingers for slides and vibrato. 
    • With the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit you can use a CoreMIDI compatible MIDI Keyboard to control Addictive Synth.
    • Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer compatible.
    • Velocity sensitive keyboard.
    • Select from dozens of scales and play them with scale optimized keyboard layout.
    Full featured programmable Arpeggiator

    • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps. 
    • Can trigger single notes and chords.
    • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
    • 32 Arpeggios included, unlimited useer arpeggios possible.
    • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order


    • Audiobus 2 compatible (Output) (requires iOS7 or newer).
    • Inter-app audio compatible (Instrument/Generator)
    • Export loops as audio and midi files.
    • Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps
    • Exchange user presets with File Sharing in iTunes.


    Operating Systems
    Apple iOS
    Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
    Compatible with iPad.
    Year Released
    $6.99 - convert
    Purchase App
    [+] itunes.apple.com

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