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    apeDelay - spectral Delay implements up to 2048 delay lines with feedback or up to 2048 Brick-wall filters. The algorithm is based on the STFT (i.e. Short Time Fourier Transform) analysis/re-synthesis. The audio signal is converted in abstract ‘Frequency Domain’, where is manipulated and transformed back again in ‘Time Domain’. You can draw the Time and Feedback shapes for both stereo channels. This is achieved from the multi sliders, who provide a great tool to manage the huge numbers of parameters. You can also benefit of more advanced spectral manipulations like the Spectral Blur, Granulate, Bins Decimator, Noise Gate, Spectral Freeze and Brick-wall filters.

    + Built In Stereo Sampler with varispeed and scrubbing
    + Control Manager LFO for all the Parameters
    + Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
    + Sample Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy
    + Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad
    + Post Fx: Stereo Delay, Amazing ClassicVerb Low/Hi Shelving and Dynamic Processor
    + AudioUnit V3 (FX)
    + Inter-App Audio (FX)
    + Audiobus (Full)
    + Ableton Link 
    + Audio Interface support
    + Microphone input


    Operating Systems
    Apple OSX
    iOS 9.1 or later.
    iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Year Released
    $5.99 - convert
    Purchase App
    [+] itunes.apple.com

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