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    apeSoft Stria

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    Stria is rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices.
    Multilevel Interactive Sound Synthesizer
    Idea and Csound-Orchestra by Eugenio Giordani

    “Stria” is the title of a very important composition by John Chowning and I would like to say that this computer music piece represents the manifest of Frequency Modulation technique applied to audio synthesis, invented by Mr. Chowning himself.

    Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support

    Up to 240 Frequency Modulation Oscillators or simple Wavetable Additive

    Five Spectral Pitch Grid Generators (Geometric, Harmonic, Fibonacci, Scalar, Temperated)

    MIDI Pad With Scale Grid

    Effects chain: Doppler, Chopper, Glitch Gen, Sync Grain, Spectral Arpeggiator, FDN Reverb, Dynamic Compressor/Expander

    Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad + Control Manager LFO for Parameters

    Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers

    Capture Master Audio Output + File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy

    Post Fx Chain: Doppler, Chopper, Out Of Range, Sync Granulator, Spectral Arpeggiator, Reverb FDN, Dynamisc Processor

    Bluetooth A2DP High Quality + etc...


    Operating Systems
    Apple iOS
    Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Product Info
    [+] itunes.apple.com
    Year Released
    $7.99 - convert

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