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  • BLEASS Granulizer Granular Texture Effect

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    BLEASS Granulizer is a granular texture effect plugin with randomization, 4 multi-bus audio inputs and a mesmerizing 3D visualizer.

    BLEASS Granulizer generates short samples (‘grains’) from different input signals by modulating different parameters which you can visualize thanks to a 3D Visualizer:

    - Volume

    - Pan (represented by width in the visualizer)

    - Size ( = grain’s duration)

    - Density ( = frequency of grains generation)

    - Offset ( = the amount of time between record and play represented by the depth in the 3D visualizer)

    - Backward/Forward Playback Direction

    - Shape ( = grain’s envelope, represented by the height dimension in the visualizer)

    - Warmth ( = strength of the distortion applied to the grain)

    - Tune ( = grains can be pitched up or down according to different modes: “Fine” / Chromatic / Major / Minor / 5th / Major 7th. / Minor 7th / Octave)

    The amount of randomization can be set with the “dice” knobs.

    Density, grain size and offset range can be freely synced or beat synced to the host’s tempo.

    Touching and holding the visualizer modifies pan and density.

    BLEASS Granulizer takes up to 4 sources from different busses as inputs (compatible host required). When multiple busses are on, each grain is randomly extracted from one of the available sources.


    Operating Systems
    Apple iOS
    Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
    Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.
    Product Info
    [+] www.bleass.com
    Year Released
    $7.99 - convert
    Purchase App
    [+] apps.apple.com

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