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  • Hadron Particle Synthesizer

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    The Hadron particle synthesizer is the ultimate creative tool for granular synthesis. It is available in different plugin formats (VST, AU and Max For Live), even though the graphic appearance is slightly different for the different plugins wrappers, the audio functionality of Hadron is the same in all formats.

    Hadron can be used for many purposes in sound design. It can be used as a synthesizer or an audio effect, and it can seamlessly morph between different sound processing methods. Some of the typical uses of the device provide fat analog monosynths, granular delay effects, time stretching, formant shifting, transient manipulation, vocal synthesis, FM synthesis, sonic clouds, live sampling and sound morphing. The synthesis engine is controlled by parameter states, and you can morph between states using the 2-dimensional X-Y pad. Specific timbral manipulation within each state can be controlled by the four expression sliders.

    The core of the synthesis engine behind Hadron is an extremely flexible implementation of a granular audio generator. Due to it’s ability to generate all known types of granular synthesis (and a few new variants as well), we propose to use the term particle synthesis to describe the audio processing method. 


    Partikkel Audio
    Operating Systems
    Apple OSX, Windows 32 bit
    Product Info
    [+] www.partikkelaudio.com
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