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  • Auddict Hexeract

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    Hexeract’s versatility suits all musical styles. A masterful tool for creating truly organic, lush, wide textures for film scores, risers/falls for hard-hitting trailer tracks, it can also create anything from authentic 80s leads, EDM plucks, to brutal dubstep "wubs". Hexeract can create the most organic sounds, the most electronic "synthesized" in-your-face sounds, plus all degrees in between. You can even load your own .wav samples in.

    Virtual patch bay. Interactively pull virtual patch cables from the modulator panel at the bottom of the OSC tab to various inputs above. There are many more available modulation targets, all accessible via the modulation matrix, where you can manually add connections if you prefer.

    Oscillators & Filters

    Three feature-rich oscillators (two tabs of controls each), from which to choose your starting sample libraries or synth waveforms (actual oscillators) from a vast collection. Each oscillator has a dedicated and modulate-able filter with a fantastic, fat sound, multiple filter curves, resonance and key-follow control.

    One of many diamonds in Hexeract, is the ability to turn up unison voices and de-tune/spread organic sounds, akin to what you’d do with multiple synth oscillators. Intuitive and clever programming allows this to happen without any adverse phase cancellation, with random phase/start mod per voice so you never hear exactly the same sound. The results are breathtaking.

    Modulation and FX

    Choose between either the interactive patch bay, or the manual mod matrix to add modulations to your sound, with a huge list of modulate-able parameters. 

    There is a panel of route-able modulators, (plus each oscillator has a dedicated ADSR and vibrato LFO if needed), including three LFO's, three Sequencers, three envelopes, MIDI CC, velocity and a random CC generator.
    The FX tab allows you to add FX in a rack style environment. 

    You can add instances of chorus, degrader, delay, limiter, phase, reverb, saturator and stereo enhancer to the rack slots available.

    Arpeggiator, MST & More...

    A powerful 32 step arpeggiator, with plenty of controls to mess with your sequence and create interesting patterns. Gate sequencer, velocity sequencer, swing, set intervals per step, transpose per step, altering the order of your sequence are just a few of the many features available on the ARP tab.

    Use the MST to add a master compressor, limiter and up to six FX modules to the overall sound. 

    We couldn't even begin to describe all the features of this synth on our web page, so please check out (constantly being updated) manual to see an in depth look at all included features and how everything works.


    • Three oscillators - choose from 120+ sampled instruments or standard non-sample synth oscillator waveforms.
    • Three filter modules, choose from - 6dB LP, 6dB HP, 12dB LP, 12dB HP, 24dB LP, notch.
    • Modulators include three LFO's (can be used for FM/AM/cutoff FM by turning up into audible frequency spectrum), three sequencers (step sequencer or custom curve/shape), three extra envelopes, midi CC, velocity or random (RND).
    • Up to 8 unisono voices per oscillator - individually stereo-spreadable and de-tunable.
    • FM "pitch followed" synthesis per osc, release trigger, reverse samples
    • FX per oscillator include - Chorus, Degrader, Delay, Limiter, Phaser, Reverb, Saturator, Stereo Enhancer.
    • Master dynamics - compressor and limiter. Master FX include chorus, degrader, delay, limiter, reverb, saturator and stereo.
    • Fully fledged Arpeggiator, up to 32 steps, with "wait" function, octave shift, order-reshuffle (six modes), transpose per step, division select, tempo select with "sync", gate and velocity sliders, and swing.

    Operating Systems
    Apple OSX, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit
    Runs in Windows/Mac
    RAM 2-4GB
    4GB Storage
    Product Info
    [+] www.hexeractsynth.com
    Year Released
    $200 - convert

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