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    BitWiz - Audio Synth

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      Explore the algorithmic music of simple bitwise arithmetic operations while watching the retro-digital 3D graphics!

      BitWiz Audio Synth translates C-like code expressions into 8-bit generative stereo audio in real-time. The entered code expression is used to calculate each audio frame, also known as "bytebeat" synthesis.

      Record your sessions and export through iTunes File Sharing or Audio Copy to other apps, or send them to AudioShare - the audio document manager.

      Use the dual multitouch XY-pad or external MIDI control to tweak variables in the expression in real-time. Play BitWiz as a musical instrument or compose algorithmic pieces that evolves by themselves! BitWiz can also include the microphone input for crazy distortion effects!

      BitWiz comes bundled with lots of examples, and you can easily add your own codes to the built-in library.
      You can also share your codes by e-mail, twitter or facebook, or open them in another application.

      You don't need to learn C to use this app, just play around with the included codes and tweak a number here or there, and strange glitchy variations will appear. You can even let BitWiz generate random codes for you with a swipe!


      • Real-time BYTEBEAT synthesizer
      • Retro-digital 3D VISUALS
      • Universal app (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), landscape and portrait
      • Instant update of audio for LIVE-CODING
      • Multitouch XY-Pad for TWEAKING/PLAYING in real-time
      • Core MIDI support for external control
      • RECORD to file and export or AUDIOCOPY into other apps
      • Stream the output to other AUDIOBUS compatible apps
      • SHARE codes through twitter, email or open in other apps
      • Supports bytebeat samplerates 44100, 22050, 14700, 11025, 8820, etc.
      • STEREO audio
      • Optional MICROPHONE input for distortion effects
      • Custom keyboard with arrow-keys for easy editing
      • Background audio operation
      • Lots of included FACTORY PRESETS
      • Transfer codes and recordings through iTunes file sharing
      • Swipe with two fingers to generate code randomly!

      Kymatica AB
      Operating Systems
      Apple iOS
      Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
      Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
      Year Released
      $1.99 - convert
      Product Info
      [+] kymatica.com
      Purchase App
      [+] itunes.apple.com
      Search YouTube for the BitWiz - Audio Synth
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