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  • Cyclop Twisted Bass Synthesizer

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    Cyclop is a monophonic synthesizer. It does one thing very well: delivering cutting-edge digital madness at the low end of the frequency spectrum.

    Cyclop is the master of subs, beautifully controlling even the lowest notes, always sounding stomach-rumblingly thick. It uses mid/side processing to introduce stereo imaging between 250Hz and 4kHz. This ensures wide, interesting sounds that retain their punch and bass. There are no phasing issues, which means Cyclop cuts through the mix very nicely.

    Enjoy an incredible depth of sound design possibilities, great real-time control with the Wobble Knob and FX knob. Integrated effects sequencer, vast modulation system and the preset browser will take your inspiration to new levels.

    The interface has been improved for touch performance and the overall cpu usage has been reduced. 

    - Monophonic Bass Synthesizer
    - 6x2 Synthesiser Engines, 10x2 Filter Engines
    - Analog Sync, FM, Sample Transformer, Spectromat, Saw Regiment, Phase Stressor
    - Vowel Filter Mode
    - Free Signal Flow for 2 Oscillators, Filters and Distortions.
    - Incredibly versatile modulation system
    - Multi FX Knob/Sequencer
    - powerful Preset Browser with tagging and rating
    - Full MIDI Support (Virtual, Network, External)
    - Music Library Access (Transformer Oscillator)
    - iTunes File Sharing
    - Inter-App Audio
    - Audiobus
    - Ableton Link


    Sugar Bytes GmbH
    Operating Systems
    Apple OSX, Apple iOS, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit
    Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
    Compatible with iPad.
    Product Info
    [+] sugar-bytes.de
    Year Released
    $24.99 - convert
    Purchase App
    [+] itunes.apple.com

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