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    Green Oak Crystal Synth XT

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      Crystal Synth XT is a full featured semi-modular synthesizer, ideally suited to creating lush evolving soundscapes. Crystal VST has long been a popular synthesizer on the desktop. Crystal Synth XT brings that same powerful synthesis engine to the iPad and iPhone. Crystal Synth XT features MIDI keyboard input via Apple's camera adapter and sharing of sounds with the desktop version of Crystal. 


      Wave shaper

      The filter section of each voice now has a Shaper control which imposes a soft wave shaping function on the voice before the filter is applied.

      Wave Sequencing

      Crystal has 8-stage wave sequencing, meaning you can vary the waveform to be used for an oscillator among 8 different pre-defined sampled waveforms. There is a "Wave Sequence" section in the preset patches included with Crystal which has 10 examples of patches which use Wave Sequencing.

      20 Megabyte sample ROM

      You may now download and install 20 Mb of multisampled instruments for Crystal, thus making Crystal a full-featured rompler. Download the mac version of the sample ROM here., or Download the windows version of the sample ROM here..

      Patch breeding

      Patch breeding enables you to create new patches which are combinations of existing patches. To use patch breeding, select "Breeder" from the upper menu in the "Patches" section of the Modulation page. Select a father patch and a mother patch. Optionally select an amount of mutation, which will introduce a degree of randomness which is not directly derived from either the father or mother. Then press the "Breed" button to create a new patch. (Caution: you can sometimes get unpleasant sounds, so be ready to press Breed again or choose "Reset" from the utility menu if that happens).Program morph

      Program randomize

      This feature builds random programs as a way to create new sounds. If you have some patience and try it over and over, you may occasionally get something interesting :-). It differs from the randomize and genetics features included in sequencers in that it keeps the Crystal envelopes from becoming garbled.

      Random square shape LFO

      What is is:
      Sometimes called sample and hold, this is an LFO which jumps to a random level, stays there for a random amount of time, then jumps to another level. The SaturnScape preset uses this to vary the FM index of voice 1 in interesting ways. To get this type of LFO, choose "Square" for the LFO type and turn up the RandRate and RandMix controls. RandRate controls the randomness of the times between jumps. RandMix controls the randomness of the levels.

      Sample import

      Soundfont is a file format created by EMU. Files of this type contain sampled instruments which may be played by soft synths like Crystal.

      And MORE!

      Green Oak Software
      Operating Systems
      Apple OSX, Apple iOS, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit
      32bit VST Host
      Windows 7 or later.
      OSX 10.5 or later.
      Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
      iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
      Year Released
      FREE, Paid - convert
      Product Info
      [+] www.greenoak.com
      Purchase App
      [+] itunes.apple.com
      Search YouTube for the Green Oak Crystal Synth XT
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