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  • Internet Archive Playlist Generator

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      • This is an original program by Thomas Park. It allows you to retrieve playlists from collections of free music that have been posted to the Internet Archive. The archive is based on Creative Commons file protocol, so tracks are free to access and share. Some may not be free to sell, or to use for commercial purposes. Others may not be available to remix or alter. All are free to play.
      • To use this program, you must choose a collection to search.
      • You may also choose up to 2 search terms to refine your search. Each must be one word, with no spaces.
      • When you are finished, this program will create an .m3u file, which will render the files playable in most media players.
      • Searches are performed without Thomas' interference at the Internet Archive. They are limited in size due to time-loading restrictions.
      • The purpose of this program is to provide access to free culture. Thomas Park does not necessarily own or have license for any of this culture, and he is neither altering nor making profits by creation or use of this program.
      Thomas Park
      Operating Systems
      Apple OSX, Web: HTML5, Windows 16 bit, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit
      This is a web-based app that will work with any Windows, Apple, or other system that can play .m3u playlist files.
      Year Released
      Free - convert
      Search YouTube for the Internet Archive Playlist Generator

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