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  • Plex 2 - Restructuring Synthesizer

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    PLEX 2 is a Restructuring Synthesizer. It is based on a new synthesis concept that combines ease-of-use with powerful sound editing possibilities. PLEX 2 is an upgrade to the original version, released in 2002. This VST Instrument was developed by Wolfgang Palm, the creator of the groundbreaking PPG Wave Synthesizers.

    PLEX 2 has the following features:

    Reproduces all types of sound, natural or synthetic.

    More than 90 sound resources and more than 300 preset sounds including acoustic instruments, synthesizer sounds and sound effects.

    All sound resources have been transformed in a way that they fit to a common set of parameters which include well-known synthesis functions like ADSR envelopes, LFOs etc.

    Each sound resource is split into four components - called partial components or components for short. These can be combined and merged freely to create completely new preset sounds. The partial component types are called “Base” (red icon), “Top” (green icon) and “Filter” (yellow icon). The fourth component doesn’t have an icon, but you can make separate settings for it and also copy them from other sound resources.

    The “Base” component contains the basic sound (the lower harmonic sound content). The “Top” component contains the higher frequencies (the higher spectral content). The “Filter” component contains the filter characteristics that give the sound its distinctive tonal shape. The fourth component contains the level development of the Base and Top signals, i.e. the gain envelopes.

    The nature of the resulting sound depends on which combination of partial components you use.

    Simple and intuitive handling: For editing, PLEX 2 has a Sound Palette with 33 fields. You can load it with any of the available sound resources.

    Separate ADSR envelopes and individual LFOs with predefined or freely definable waveforms are available for each partial component, which lets you further control the sound of all components.

    PLEX 2 also has various global controls such as Pitch LFO, Pan, Delay etc.

    PLEX 2 is a VST Instrument. You can therefore load it into any compatible host application and use it from within that program.

    Each PLEX 2 module that you load into your host application represents a complete mono-timbral instrument with up to 64 voices and you can


    Wolfgang Palm
    Operating Systems
    Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit
    VST compatible host.
    Product Info
    [+] plex.seib.info
    Year Released

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