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  • Emagic SoundDiver 3.0

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    With SoundDiver, you have chosen one of the most powerful editor/librarian systems available today. SoundDiver makes the daily work of many top producers, musicians and keyboard technicians easier and faster. 

    We are confident that you will appreciate the sheer number of supported devices, the ease of operation, universal libraries and flexible editors that have won SoundDiver acclaim from users around the globe. Version 3.0 introduces a stunning new user interface, simplified operation and the unparalleled flexibility afforded by Control-ler Assignments, which will further accelerate your use of SoundDiver. 

    If you arc new to SoundDiver, you will quickly discover the previously hidden depths of your sound modules. We are confident that once you have spent a little time with SoundDiver, you will never want to go back to the arcane menus and parameters found on the tiny LCD screens of most MIDI devices. 
    SoundDiver would not have been possible without the assis-tance of numerous external developers, adaptation authors and beta testers. 

    In addition, many "regular" SoundDiver users have sent us extensive feedback which motivated us to add new functions and contributed to marnt of the improN ements found in Version 3.0. 


    Operating Systems
    Apple OSX, Windows 16 bit, Windows 32 bit
    Windows XP+
    Mac OS 9+
    Year Released
    Shareware - convert
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