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    Alexey Nadzharov soundfruuze

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      'soundfruuze' is an experimental live sampler / looper / granular and FFT scrub effect. It records live the recent 10 seconds of audio and allows you to manipulate it with special controls. The interface is divided into five “lanes”, sound is produced by touching the lanes. Each lane can be set up to use different effect and has various control parameters mapped to the touch position:


      Most basic lane type. You can control the volume of the resulting sound and smoothness of the position interpolation. Lesser smooth value produces the sound with more high frequencies. 


      Another basic playback type. Starts playing from the position in the sound that you selected with touch. Vertical position controls playback speed, horizontal parameter is assignable. 

      Granular Freeze

      Allows you to select the sound at some position and use both horizontal and vertical coordinates of touch as 2 independent parameters. You can control volume, playback speed (pitch) and the grain size. 

      Granular Scrub

      This type of lane is very similar to granular freeze but it allows to change the position of the grain after its start. 

      Granular Stream 

      This lane type enables granular playback with random parameters. You can randomise grain position in the selected range, speed, grain size and pan. There is special control for that type lane. The 2-dimensional slider is assignable so you can change 2 parameters for each touch independently. 

      FFT Freeze and FFT Scrub

      In both FFT types of lanes another algorithm is used to process sound. In both FFT Freeze and Scrub sound is analyzed with the FFT transform and divided into frames. FFT Freeze allows you to select the frame at the desired sample position and to play it making the sound “freeze” at this point. 


      This lane type allows you to make loops / repeat large grains of sound. When you touch a looper lane, a new looper control is created and is kept there until you turn it off with the red ‘close’ button. You can change loop speed, volume, size and position for each loop individually or for all loops on one lane together using additional controls

      FFT Looper 

      This type works the same way as basic Looper but allows to change playback speed while keeping the pitch. It uses FFT algorithm for playback allowing constant pitch for any playback speed and the same FFT effects (gate and phase randomisation)

      Each lane has also five effects: 
      - Frequency shifter
      - Ring modulation
      - Sample-and-hold (" lo-fi")
      - HP/LP filter
      - Reverb

      Alexey Nadzharov
      Operating Systems
      Apple iOS
      Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
      Compatible with iPad.
      Year Released
      $6.99 - convert
      Product Info
      [+] soundfruuze.com
      Purchase App
      [+] itunes.apple.com
      Search YouTube for the Alexey Nadzharov soundfruuze
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