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    STROM iPad Sampler

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    STROM is an incredibly fun sampler. Record up to 10 seconds of audio, slice and sequence it, resample, create something entirely new!

    The super responsive interface lets you sequence your source material in unique ways. You can always resample what you play, allowing you to quickly lift your audio into glitch heaven. You can edit slices while you are playing them - this lets you come up with really interesting grooves.

    STROM's sampler integrates nicely with other apps:Copy audio from any app, using AudioShare and AudioCopy/Paste. Mangle them with STROM's slice engine. Share your sliced samples with your friends! Copy them back to any other app for further processing.

    STROM's full power is unleashed if you connect your Elektron Analog Rytm drum computer to your iPad (and buy the Rytm In-App Purchase Upgrade):

    For one, you can easily transfer samples to your Rytm using MIDI Sample Dump Standard. STROM can also send all slices as separate files. For example, load a vocal phrase, quickly slice it up, and send the individual "ooohs" and "aaahs" as one-shots. Slices are automatically numbered.

    But the real juice is in STROM's Rytm performance interface:

    Designed to excel in the studio as well as on stage, STROM extends and augments your Analog Rytm. 

    Using the CTL-AL function, inspired by the legendary Machinedrum, you can tweak sounds on multiple tracks at once. For example, sweep the filter on all (or some) tracks. Or change the sample slot for all tracks (or less crazy, limit it to a few tracks of your choice). All sound and trig parameters, as well as track levels, are available to be tweaked with CTL-AL.

    CTL-AL has UNDO, so you can instantly return to your previous drum kit settings.
    You can also use CTL-AL to create parameter lock automation in your current pattern!

    Intelligent Kit Randomizer: 
    It lets you squeeze the wildest sounds out of the Rytm. The Randomizer gives you detailed control over which tracks and parameters should be affected, and by how much. It isn't really "random", but uses your current Kit as the basis. You have intuitive and detailed control over whether to just shift the sound a little, or mangle everything completely insanely.

    Then there's the Pattern Generator:
    It's main deal is an intuitive interface for quickly creating rhythmic patterns.
    Rhythms are programmed into the Rytm's sequencer instantly.
    Leveraging the musical Euclidean algorithm, it generates cyclic patterns that are not random, but follow a logic which is perceived by most humans as actual groove. You have quick and detailed control over what exactly it should generate.
    For example, it couldn't be easier to pop up an interesting closed/open hihat groove.
    Or a kick / snare / tom-tom workout. Or a hand-clap break, just at the end of your loop.

    In addition, there are special shift rotation tools which are super effective for creating syncopations and breaks.

    Finally, the Kit and Pattern Pasteboard:
    This gives you multiple copy & paste slots for Kits and Patterns. You can quickly capture the current rhythm or sound inside one of STROM's four pasteboard slots, tweak everything wildly, and instantly pop the original data back to your drum machine. Incredibly powerful for playing out live.

    With STROM, your Analog Rytm becomes supercharged.


    Jakob Penca
    Operating Systems
    Apple iOS
    Requires iOS 9.1 or later.
    Compatible with iPad.
    Year Released
    $4.99 - convert
    Purchase App
    [+] itunes.apple.com

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