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  • Vickers-Armstrongs Triton Synthesizer

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    The new Triton synthesizer is a revamp of the old VCS5 but in a sense closer to the pioneering days when a synthesizer, after having been sold would be returned to the synthesizer company and modified after a request made by a musician, making that model special to the individual user.

    The Triton range of synthesizers reflect the spirit of many of the pioneering companies who would readily accept a previously purchased product then modify it on return to the particular requirements of the musician. Therefore, the commercial synthesizer could in many ways be deemed 'unfinished'.   This activity is still continuing to this day.

    Triton is availble in three versions:

    Type 1a - Original format Triton.

    Type 1b - The variable voltage ranges can be set to continuous, diatonic or chromatic scale.

    Type 1c - As a modification to the Triton Type 1b, VCO2 has been replaced by a switchable two or three stage commutating oscillator.


    Operating Systems
    Windows 16 bit
    VST 2
    Product Info
    [+] www.vickers-armstrongs.co.uk
    Year Released

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    Jack Hertz


    This is a great synthesizer for making noise based drones and soundscapes. The modulation matrix is really great, allowing you to patch most anything to anything. Which, is where this synth gets its edge from. I would have given 5 stars but its 16-bit and somewhat buggy. It tends to crash, especially if you are running more than one instance.

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