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  • 25 Analogue Synthesizers For Under $500

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      Get out your wallets! Here are 25 analogue synthesizers under $500 that you can buy right now. With the growing interest in the retro sound of 70s and 80s electronic music. The race is on between companies big and small to fill the demand for synths made of circuits and knobs. The great news for us is all this competition drives prices down and quality up.

      What you get for $500 can vary greatly. There are choices between monophonic and polyphonic, with a keyboard or without, patchable semi-modular and or with presets, melodic or atonal, drum or bass, MIDI or CV, and many more options. At these prices, you can choose a few devices to MIX and match for all kinds of analogue fun!

      We have crunched the numbers and deciphered all the details into this handy, easy to use guide. Click through to each Synthesizer profile for the full details on every device including images, videos, manuals, prices, links to online shopping, and more information. Note, the list below is by organized company name. We are not rating or recommending these items as we realize people have different needs. Thus, we leave it to you to decide what is best for your analogue fix.



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