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  • Best Ambient Synthesizer Shoot Out

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      When I came back to music in 2009, I was quite surprised to find a new culture had branched off from traditional electronic music to focus exclusively on ambient. I am fascinated that ambient has become its own genre in this regard.

      As with other electronic music genres such as berlin, hip-hop, and other styles that identify with the instruments used. Ambient favors certain instruments for the character of sounds they make. This is best exemplified by YouTube channel, Christian's Sonic Spaces, that has been working on the "Best Ambient Synth Shootout". Christian's project compares various synthesizers by shooting videos of ambient soundscapes made with different synthesizer and effects configurations.

      Christian is quite the ambient master with a nice collection of insturments that are good for ambient sound design. He has been at it since November with 26 videos in the series to date. He covers both vintage and contemporary instruments including such ambient notables as the:

      And more synths and effects that you see and hear in the sure to be growing playlist below.
      Please, drop by Christian's Sonic Spaces channel and leave a comment on your favorite videos. 

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