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  • 2016 EM Review - Part 4: Workstations

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      Part four of our series showcases the classic workstations and performance keyboards. These systems combine massive ROM storage, multiple synthesis, on-board sequencing, effects and expanded performance controls for the composer and performer.



      Nord Piano 3 Stage Piano

      With outstanding new keyboard technology, improved grand weighted action and expanded memory for the exclusive Nord Piano Library - the Nord Piano 3 takes piano feel and realism to a new level.

      (+) Complete Specs




      Artis 7 76 Key Stage Piano 

      The Artis 7 is a 76-key stage piano that’s designed to appeal to a wide range of users, from amateurs all the way through to gigging professionals. The Artis piano A game-changer. 32 killer programs. Amazing tone, realism, and expression FAR beyond what you thought possible in a stage piano. Perfectly matched with a weighted Fatar TP-100 action and more.

      (+) Complete Specs

      artis 7.jpg


      Artis 88 Key Stage Piano

      The Artis is Kurzweil's 88 key Stage Piano that offers more than meets the keys. Its also an advanced synthesizer, controller, with advanced effects and arpeggiator.

      (+) Complete Specs 



      PC3A6 Performance Controller

      The Kurzweil PC3A6 offers working keyboardists a powerful instrument that covers all the bases live and in the studio. Feel this awe-inspiring instrument spring to life under the control of the superb Fatar TP9 synth-weighted keybed. Cascading DSP engines on top of the PC3A6's dynamic VAST architecture makes dialing in sounds fast, flexible, and fun.

      (+) Complete Specs



      PC3A7 76 Key Perforfmance Controller

      Kurzweil's PC3A7 is an advanced keyboard controller. Start with the heritage of the venerable PC3, add KORE 64™ and the Artis® German D Grand Piano and you have the powerhouse. It also has 100's of PC3A effects.

      (+) Complete Specs



      Forte SE 88 Key Stage Piano

      Introducing the Kurzweil Forte® SE. The standard of sonic excellence established by the Forte®, the Forte® SE brings your performance to new heights with its astonishing sound quality, dependability and user-friendly operation and more.

      (+) Complete Specs



      Forte 7 76 Key Stage Piano

      Introducing the Kurzweil Forte®.The most advanced keyboard to ever wear the Kurzweil logo. Artis programs A wealth of sounds from classic to modern. A serious collection starting with the Artis® German 9' Grand Piano, PC3 Series Vintage Electric Pianos, Clavinets, Synthesizers, rich and realistic String Sections and Orchestras, Guitars, Percussion and much more.

      (+) Complete Specs



      Forte 88 Key stage Piano

      The Kurzweil Forte is the most advanced keyboard to ever wear the Kurzweil logo. Besides being an advanced keyboard controller, the Forte includes Kurzweil's V.A.S.T. synthesizer architecture, Forte Effects, and Forte Arps.

      (+) Complete Specs




      Montage Motion Control Synthesizer Engine

      The Montage represents a new era in synthesizer technology by offering unprecedented ways for keyboard players to control and interact with sound. The Motion Control Synthesizer Engine controls two iconic Sound Engines: Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2) and FM-X.

      (+) Complete Specs: Montage 6

      (+) Complete Specs: Montage 7

      (+) Complete Specs: Montage 8



      Did we miss something?

      Even with 1,000+ synths in the library. It is entirely possible we missed some things. Please help us by leaving a comment and link to any new products from 2016 that we missed We will be happy to update these reports with the information ASAP. EMjoy!


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