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Analog Synthesizer Picture Book

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    From the late 1960s to the 1970s, the analog synthesizer took over the world music scene. Moog III-C, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim 4 Voice, Jupiter 8 etc, and all the famous machines of modern times are featured with 50 models in all full colors. Also featured are artists sushc as Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Isao Tomita, and the famous machine YMO loved.Special forward by Hideki Matsutake and Hiroyuki Namba

    Featured Synthsizers

    ARP 2600
    Arp Odyssey
    Arp Quadra
    Extra version Arp Pro Soloist
    Extra version Arp Solina String Ensemble

    Korg 700S
    Korg 800 DV
    Korg 770
    Korg PS-3100
    Korg MS-20
    Korg Mono / Poly
    Korg Polysix
    Korg Trident

    Moog IIIc
    Moog Minimoog
    Moog Sonic 6
    Mogue Polymoog
    Moog Multimoog
    Moog Prodigy
    Moog The Rogue
    Moog The Source

    Oberheim 4 Voice
    Oberheim Matrix-12

    Roland SH-3
    Roland Jupiter-4
    Roland System-100M
    Roland Jupiter-8
    Extra edition Roland VP-330

    Sequential circuit Prophet-5
    Sequential circuit Prophet-10
    Sequential Circuit Pro-One
    Sequential circuit Prophet-600
    Sequential circuit Prophet-T8
    Sequential Circuit Pro-8
    Sequential Circuit Multi-Trak

    Tesco S - 100 F
    Tesco S - 110 F
    Tesco SX-400

    Yamaha SY-1
    Yamaha CS-10
    Yamaha CS-30
    Yamaha CS-40M
    Yamaha CS-60
    Yamaha SY 20

    Astone PS-1000

    Chroma Polaris

    Firstman FS-4V

    Multi-box MX-3000

    Extra version Oxford · synthesizer · company OSCar

    Rhodes Chroma
    Written by: Mite Tanoshimu
    Year Published: 2018
    Date Published: 05/21/2018
    Format: Paperback
    Dimensions: 14.8 x 21 x 1 cm
    Pages: 128
    Language(s): Japanese
    Editions: 1
    Publisher: SHINKO MUSIC
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