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Beginner's Book of Electronic Music

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    Explore the exciting world of electronic music ... discover the impact that new technology has made on the range and variety of synthesized sound ... learn how you can create your own synthesized live or recorded sound using home-built circuitry or commercially available equipment! All this and more is included in this up-to-the-minute guide to synthesized music for both electronics and music hobbyists. Plus, it includes an extensive listing of available electronic music recordings and a complete buyer's guide to commercial syn-thesizing equipment (modular. normalized. pre-set. and comput-erized).

    Sound and acoustic principles are thoroughly reviewed and there's a detailed look at sound sources for electronic music—oscillators, noise generators, and recorded sounds. You'll learn how new sounds can be created by additive or subtractive synthesis. and the fundamentals of using filters. amplifiers. modulation, controllers. and other devices to manipulate musical sounds. There's also lots of practical advice on setting up your own electronic music studio.

    Other topics covered: the basics of tape recording and editing: the ways modules can be interconnected to create sounds (patching): how-to's for combining electronic sounds into a unified musical work: how to manipulate natural sounds by electronic means (Musique Concrete): information on sonic environments, and a look at the special problems of live electronic music performance.

    Packed with the kind of information you'll need to understand the fundamentals of synthesized music and the circuit data you'll need to start creating your own electronic music projects, this is a book that every electronic music enthusiast will want to refer to time and time again!
    Written by: Delton T. Horn
    About the author:
    Delton T. Horn is a professional writer and electronics experi-menter who has a special interest in electronic music. His previous books for TAB include Basic Electronics Theory ... with projects & experiments and Electronic Music Synthesizers.
    Year Published: 1983
    Date Published: No value
    Format: Paperback
    Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches
    Pages: 376
    Language(s): English
    Editions: 1
    Publisher: TAB Books Inc.
    ISBN-10: 0830614389
    ISBN-13: 978-0830614387
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