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FM Theory and Applications: By Musicians for Musicians

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    FM Theory & Applications by Dr. John Chowning and David Bristow, is a book by Musicians for Musicians. There is no task as rewarding as one that holds the promise of "really making a difference". Our attempt to present the theory of Frequency Modulation synthesis, in a manner both theoretically true and musically relevant, represents such a task. We believe that, given a bit of time, concentration, and careful listening, musicians can gain enough understanding of FM theory to direct their programming of FM algorithms along musically rewarding paths.

    The last requirement, careful listening, is the most important. The theory can help explain choices you may have already made through listening, or it may suggest interesting possibilities that can be developed. But it can not, by itself, tell you how to make an interesting timbre. So as you work your way through this book, do all of the "X"-amples, read every page in order, be aware when interesting accidents and mistakes occur, and remember above all that the most important tools are your ears.
    Written by: John Chowning, David Bristow
    Year Published: 1987
    Date Published: 10/01/1987
    Format: Hardback
    Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 0.8 inches
    Pages: 196
    Language(s): English
    Editions: 1
    Publisher: Yamaha Music Foundation
    ISBN-10: 4636174828
    ISBN-13: 978-4636174823
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