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    2019-07-28 05:00 AM      11:00 AM

    This event repeats every week forever

    STAR'S END, hosted by Chuck van Zyl, broadcasts live weekly beginning at 1:00AM on Saturday night until 6:00AM Sunday morning (USA Eastern Time Zone). Originating from WXPN, Non-commercial Radio from the University of Pennsylvania, STAR'S END has occupied this time slot since its inception back in 1976 making it one of the longest running radio programs of Ambient/Space music in the world.
    For more on the history of STAR'S END, please the show website at: http://www.starsend.org/
    WXPN's signal is sent to various other radio stations, repeaters and translators throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland:
    88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA 88.7 FM Middletown, York and Lancaster, PA 90.5 FM WKHS Worton/Baltimore, MD 91.9 FM WXPJ Hackettstown, NJ 99.7 FM Harrisburg, PA 104.9 FM Lehigh Valley, PA W285DH Whitehall, PA In addition to the various land based FM radio transmissions, STAR'S END can also be received live via the World Wide Web. Learn about the live stream by accessing http://xpn.org

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