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"Magellan" by Simon Slator

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Simon Slator


Inspired by the album of the same name by Mike Oldfield (as well as a love of science fiction), one of the few books I've read more than once is Arthur C. Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth". Naturally, I couldn't help wanting to make some music based on the book, but wanted to distance it as far as possible from Oldfield's. Hence why it takes some of the techniques and theories I use to create ambient music, and turns it into a space/sci-fi epic with a little Berlin School thrown in.

The first track depicts the departure of the spaceship "Magellan", carrying a colony of the last surviving Terrans away from Earth, which is soon to be destroyed by the Sun's premature supernova.

Their destination is an ice planet called Sagan 2, which will take the Magellan over 500 years to reach. As such, the surviving Terrans are all in a huge chamber called the "Hibernaculum" (Track 2) where they remain frozen and motionless throughout their journey.

It'll be available as a free/name your price download from my Bandcamp page, http://simonslator.bandcamp.com, from 16th August.

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