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Music from last Thursday - Rebroadcast

Radio Shows
Charles Shriner

This event repeats every week until 03/18/2015

Event details

"Music from last Thursday" Radio & Podcast

15:00-17:00 EDT, 20:00-22:00 GMT (Friday)

Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet.

Recorded music by remst8, dRachEmUsiK, and Marauder Octobot.

Featuring the new release by remst8 + dRachEmUsiK; Bluestones.

Tune in and Join us in chat! radio.electro-music.com


Playlist 12-16-14

1. Marauder Octobot- In Search of the Perfect Parade

  1. In Search of the Perfect Parade - 18:36
  2. My Twister is All I Got - 05:50
  3. Miss Pdx - 02:50
  4. Home Again - 02:00

2. Faux Pas Quartet, Live improvisation - about 30:00

4. remst8 + dRachEmUsiK - Bluestones

  1. Bluestones - 14:44
  2. Walkabout - 11:56
  3. Vorlon Dirge - 10:06
  4. Befriending Francis - 17:24

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