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Ambient Germany

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Jack Hertz

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Following "Ambient Akansas", the Electronic Earth project continues with "Ambient Germany" that will be released on Aural Films October 24th. Many thanks to Wolfgang GSell for organizing this project that features many fine German artists. Check out this and other titles at http://AuralFIlms.com

The album features music by:

  • Ambraduna
  • Ralf Raisch
  • Stan Dart 
  • Birgit Bechtold
  • Theothersideaofwho?
  • Wolfgang Gsell
  • RC Major 
  • Lutz Thuns 
  • Rainer Struck
  • John Palmer 
  • Jamuroo 
  • 1414E08
  • Kellerkind Berlin 
  • Askprojekt
  • Michael Brückner 
  • Martin Neuhold

This project is all about the artists. So please be sure to check out Ambient Arkansas as well - https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-arkansas

cover-germany copy.jpg

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