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Star's End Halloween Show


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Jack Hertz

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jackolantern02.jpgThe 2016 Halloween edition of STAR'S END will feature music commisioned especially for the 10.30.16 broadcast. Whether evoking the changing season, or eerie mischief-night happenings, this special presentation will be notable in its mood specific atmosphere, brought out by 16 unique musicians and their individual musical interpretations.

Each participant was provided just a minimal amount of criteria with which to work. They were instructed to compose a piece of music of a specific length, which expressed something they wished to share with the STAR'S ENDaudience about the Halloween holiday, The Day of the Dead/All Soul's Day or the overall feel of the Fall season. The resulting contributions show an impressive range of musical talents, vivid ideas and eloquent sonic articulations. A number of these players chose to produce overtly bone-chilling, fun Halloween music, or bizarre Sci-Fi themes; while others provided ambient Autumnal works, telling more of the weakening eye of day than of Ghosts and Goblins. Still other renditions deal with personal encounters with dread, and its lasting effects of the spirit.

Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for an evening/morning of previously unreleased seasonally themed works by noted Spacemusic community members: Ascendant, Paul Ellis, Forrest Fang, Heart and Soul, Vic Hennegan, Jack Hertz, Hollan Holmes, Hotel Neon, Dave Luxton, J Mundok, Ombient, Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, M Peck, Jason Sloan, Staer, and George Wallace. Read the playlist for full details at: http://starsend.org/playlists/10.30.16.html

Note: Times are EST - Tune in at http://xpn.org/


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