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Mystified (with Hertz and Frore)- Salvation Army [treetrunk 359]


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Soldiers of Undeclared Wars. Veterans of Asphalt and Broken Glass. Field Nurses from North of Page. An album done, essentially, in the "New Industrial" style ,excepting the synthesizers in Frore's piece and a drone texture in the final piece. Thanks to Jack Hertz for the sounds on "Untitled" and Frore for his work on the Third Track.

places for masses of people to work and survive, cities involve a
depersonalizing quality. That is necessary, as the resources of the urban
environment have to function for a broad spectrum of people with different
needs. The bus has to work for us all (or as many as is possible), the
courthouse must allow us to pass through and have our say and experience, and
since we are all involved, not one of us particularly is, but us as a
community. Hence the depersonalization. A new industrial music should capture
this effect as well, being similarly accessible to many people, and similarly
abstract or non-emotive." -- Thomas Park,  "A Manifesto For 'The New Industrial' Music", 2016
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