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Jack Hertz

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This is the album I have been waiting for. This new material featuring outtakes and isolated tracks, pulls back the curtains to reveal the master at work. Up there with the IBM computer singing "Daisy", the world's first Artificial Intelligence music generator can be heard under the command of Raymond Scott himself. Hearing what the Electronium really sounded like in action gave me goosebumps.


Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961–71, a new collection of previously unreleased Raymond Scott electronica, will be issued on June 30 by Basta. The album features 61 unreleased tracks, many showcasing Scott's Motown-era Electronium, a device that composed using programmed intelligence. The long-awaited followup to Manhattan Research Inc. will be available in 3-LP, 2-CD, and digital formats. 3WP also features the Circle Machine, the Clavivox, the Bass-Line Generator, Bandito the Bongo Artist; tone, melody, and sound effects generators; sequencers and modulators; tape montages; and acoustic instruments and voices.

The album is now available for order, to be released June 30th from Basta Music at the following page: Amazon.com

Raymond Scott - Three Willow Park


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Ah, how wonderful.  I've been listening quite a bit to the Aural Films Scott Bio of late, as well as to some of his baby music albums, and all that listening has got me sort of preparing to do a special on Mr. S. on an upcoming Deprogramming Center radio broadcast.  It will likely be on air before this new album comes out.  I'll keep all you Encyclotronitians posted when and where.

thanks for sharing the good news...!

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Yes!  Listened and enjoyed, thanks for posting.   Interesting that this audio preview does not appear on the regular BASTA soundcloud site -- I assume you have some special access to secret soundcloud posts.  Funny that you posted this right now, since I am in fact right now working on the Scott radio show set list...  should be broadcast next Friday night on KOWS if all goes as planned.  I'm not an expert on this subject by any means, but instead have only this year began to really explore the man's revolutionary productions and inventions, much due to your promotional activities Mr. Hertz -- I owe you a debt of many thanks for this,  many thanks many thanks many thanks.  More details on the show next week.

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Because you've been a good boy and ate all your vegetables, you can have this for desert. A FREE 349-page downloadable pdf compendium of Raymond Scott artifacts and ephemera, including previously uncirculated historic material. The Artifacts files are intended as informational supplements to the Scott albums Three Willow Park:


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