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WavemansUnderground & Noby EM / Ambient, "John is the name"


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WavemansUnderground(NL) & Noby(D) on air friday 25th august http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or radiosunrise.de 20.00-24.00CET / 7pm-11pm(UK) all in 128-192/kbps. **NOTE** only in the chat complete info ! 

Playlist Norbert 20.00; Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo, Wolfram Spyra(Bonus track), Traumklang 3x(Carola Zauchner) analog!, Indra, and because of "70" 2x Klaus Schulze 

Waveman discovered many "John's" in his friendslist Smile nearly all musicians......damn good musicians(exept me)! So, "JOHN" is the name. 
Playlist John 22.00; ['ramp] synchronize or die(release 29 august) 
-John Eje Thelin(Bildschirm) 
-John Valk(Waveman ppg2.2) 
-John Christian 
-John Hootman(Vir Unis) 
-John Ireland 
-John Dyson (Reprise for Jack.......later this year on album) 
-John Kerr 
-John Battema 
-John Valk(Waveman ppg2.3) 
-John Tocher(Grove of Whispers, Sadayatana) 
-John Palmer 
-John Broaddus 
-John Carpenter(Not only known from his horror movies) recommended 
-John Drake(Suit & Tie Guy)

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