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Shine Like The Stars by Various Artists

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Jack Hertz

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Shine Like The Stars is an electronic music compilation featuring artists from around the globe. The purpose for this compilation is to raise money for the Taylor Scout Smith Memorial Fund which was started after her untimely passing. Taylor was a magnificent child that marched to her own drum and followed the rhythm of her Saviour, Jesus Christ. Her goal was to travel the world, spreading the word and touching the lives of others that she would meet along her way. We at Waiting World Records salute such a goal and decided to bring the world to her through heartfelt contributions from musicians that too applaud and support her and her family for their strength and conviction.

All proceeds will go towards her memorial fund, but do not feel as though you have to buy this release. We would rather you download it, listen to it, and think of her and her family than to never hear it. After all, it's a magnificent release featuring some of today's most cutting edge artists in their respective genres.

For more information, and to read more about Taylor Scout Smith please visit www.johnsoncitypress.com/article/113752/12-year-old-liberty-bell-student-remembered-as-old-soul

All tracks contained within are the property of the artist. Please feel free to embed this release on all social media. We appreciate it!

Curation, Artwork and Audio Mastering by M. Peck



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