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Conrad Schnitzler Birthday

Jack Hertz

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This event began 03/17/2017 and repeats every year forever

Conrad "Conny" Schnitzler (17 March 1937 – 4 August 2011) was a prolific German experimental musician. Schnitzler's father was German, his mother was Italian. He had a wife and they had three children, one of whom is son Gregor Schnitzler, who was born in 1964 in Berlin and who is a film director.

Schnitzler was born in Düsseldorf. A co-founder of West Berlin's Zodiak Free Arts Lab, he was an early member of Tangerine Dream (1969–1970) and a founder of the band Kluster. He left Kluster in 1971, first working with his group Eruption and then focusing on solo works. Schnitzler participated in several collaborations with other electronic musicians.

Read more - http://conrad-schnitzler.de/


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Mr. S, or "Con," as he is also affectionately referred to, interacted quite a bit with New York Cassette Culture Homerecording Experimentalist Gen Ken Montgomery over the years -- lots of collaborations, both audio and visual.    There is a brand new GENERATOR cassette/online release of experimental music which features a bit of Con plus many other underground artists -- may be of interest to adventurous listeners and underground music lovers... 

27 Years Later (cassette album promo)

27 Years Later (Bandcamp Post)

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I remember Generator. Even went to the store in NYC and saw a couple shows there Charles Cohen and Thomas Dimuzio.

Poison Plant had stuff for sale in the shop. Too bad it never panned out. 

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