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Gifgrond 62th party with 3 electronic live acts and one adventurous deejay on a toxic location! 

LOGOSAMPHIA(Sadra Hemati) is a composer of electronic music. With one foot in the French underground party scene, and another in The Netherlands avant-garde noise performance & arts, he represents one of the few Iranian musicians active in non-mainstream experimental electronic music.
“In fact you can also say that Logosamphia is on the same level as Batman, Spiderman and Zorro; all masked fellows with secret identities, because nobody wants to bring the burden of their work home. But because we are bastards who love to stir things up, and bring you the revelations you never had thought you would wanted to know: It must have been that ‘Tehran tornado’ that blew our minds away” – Yeah I know it Sucks


OSILASI(Léa Roger/Célia Jankowski) is a French/Belgium duo with percussion, celtic harp, voice and electronics. Their music is an influence of traditional music passed by their care to the mill and raised with a noisy sauce. Sometimes intimate, sometimes feverish, motives oscillate, evolve, unfold, and transform freely according to the perception of the moment. 


COOLHAVEN(Peter Fengler /Lukas Simonis/Hajo Doorn) is Rotterdam's celebrated dada-pop act. Coolhaven will present it’s new 10 inch vinyl release entitled 'Rode Pruik' which boasts comic book-style artwork by Johannes van de Weert. Coolhaven is "a flexible group that flows in a realistic-capitalistic manner if needed and dries up where fluid is redundant".  Johannes was a cartoonist in the Rotterdam punk and squatter movements of the 1980s next to being the vocalist of the influential Rotterdam-based punk band De Rondos (1977 – 1980). He started self-publishing comic booklets in the late 1970s and famously created the 'Redrat' character for the fanzine 'Raket' in 1980, which soon became an icon for the squatter's movement. 
At this event Coolhaven will perform covers of both De Rondos and Tandstickorshocks, as 'Rode Pruik' is a reworking of old hits from both bands. According to Coolhaven's Lukas Simonis, "The reworking is done with a Gabber feel, which suited those songs like a glove".


Crazy and adventurous! You can hire him!
p.s. extremely difficult to delete!



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