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The dangerous freedom given to artists to create.

For our fourth edition, the PRESQUE RIEN Association offered artists to create a work with Luc Ferrari’s sound archives – or to use them in their project. These sound files were collected during the digitization of Luc Ferrari’s magnetic archives, chosen and made available to creators of all artistic disciplines.

Winners of the PRESQUE RIEN Prize 2017

The jury assembled by Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari and composed of: Olivier Bernard, François Bonnet, Anne Gillot, David Jisse, Vincent Laubeuf, Silvia Maglioni, Ryosuke Shiina,  Graeme Thompson, Wilfried Wendling met on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at the Atelier Post-Billig and awarded the following prizes:


::::::: First Prizes (ex-aequo)

Alexandre Homerin _ “L’otium du peuple” (12’54)

Kokichi Yanagisawa _ “In The Dreams Some Drops Had” (10’10)


::::::: Second Prize

Yoann Sanson _ “No more Noise” (32’04)


::::::: Special Mention – video

Haku Sungho _ “Nylon line” (06’05)


::::::: Were also distinguished

Guillaume Contré _ “Grande Tautologie” (41’52)

John Montgomery _ “vol” (07’53)

John Wiggins _ “Taken sound” (03’09)

Julia Bejarano López _ “Micrófono entreabierto” (10’06)

Julien Podolak _ “GDN” (09’13)

Tomonori Okada _ “August 6, Motoyasu River” (07’15)


A concert will be held on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 8 pm at La Muse en Circuit – association created by Luc Ferrari in 1982 – 18 rue Marcellin Berthelot – 94140 Alfortville.

More info - http://alamuse.com/evenement/museinsitu-restitution-du-prix-presque-rien/



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