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Drone Cinema Film Festival 2018


Jack Hertz

Event details


The Drone Cinema Film Festival, now in its fourth year, showcases cutting-edge, minimalist works of ethereal beauty that transmute sonic drones into the visual realm.

This year's film festival, whose theme is LUNAR/SILVER, takes place on April 14th at the Qbus Club in Leiden, Netherlands, and on April 21st at the Good Shepherd Chapel in Seattle, WA.

What is Drone Cinema? Drone Cinema draws its inspiration from a wide range of sources, from the mid-century
experimental films of Stan Brakhage and Jordan Belson, the sound of the hurdy-gurdy in Early Music, the tambura
of Indian music, the minimalist drones of La Monte Young and Terry Riley and the film genre called Slow Cinema.
Drone Cinema filmmakers offer their vision of what sonic drones look like.

Drone Cinema filmmakers translate sonic drones into moving images. Cascone refers to Drone Cinema as
"transcendigital" media." Transcendigital media is conjured through active imagination instead of being driven
by software," Cascone said.

Live Music: This year's festival in the Netherlands features Silent Records recording artist and Dutch ambient master
Lingua Lustra (aka Albert Borkent) and in Seattle Kim Cascone's new ensemble Khem One will be performing his
new drone composition.

Films at DCFF2018

AUME - Transmission
C130 & Scant Intone - Eye of the Storm
Mike Rooke - Falling Memories
Kat Cascone - LuxLuna
Sequencial - The Foundation
Kris Force - cloudwalker
Albert Borkent - Moon TV
Don Haugen - From the Dust Of…

Seattle live music: Khem One
Leiden live music: Lingua Lustra


Leiden, Netherlands
Qbus Club
Middelstegracht 123,
2312 TV Leiden, NL ,
Admission: €7,50
Start time: 8 PM
Presented by: Hotel Suburbia


Contact: Kim Cascone
Drone Cinema Film Festival 2018




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