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Memphis Concrete


Jack Hertz

Memphis Concrète is an experimental electronic music festival held at Crosstown Arts, featuring new musicians from the Memphis region and beyond. This recording of electronic music presents the works of sixteen authors who come from four different countries with quite varied musical backgrounds. The common experience for these composers has been the use of technical resources at the Memphis Concrète Electronic Music Center and the investigation of specialized methods for the evolution and transformation of recorded sound materials. Many properties of arbitrary triangles, or other geometric figures, can be reduced to an analysis of the properties of right triangles. Recall that a right triangle is a triangle such that one of its angles is a right angle. The sides of the triangle which determine the right angle are called the legs; the side other than the legs is called the hypotenuse. In Experiment 1-4, you probably realized that if two right triangles have the same size legs, the two triangles are exact copies of each other. (If you didn't realize this, go back and cut up some more triangles!) We formalize this notation in the next postulate. Memphis Concrète is a new but obvious name for musically organized sound built from electronic technology, new devices, manipulations, methods of sound organization―the hardware of the system was conceived on a new musical aesthetic: one which intends to bridge some previous musical experience with the new freedoms of electronically oriented sounds. It may be as valid as any new musical philosophy. The validity lies in the listener―the seeker of meaningful aural sensation, musically communicative sound. 

More information here - http://crosstownarts.org/calendar/memphis-concrete-2/


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