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Silent Records presents: Dronesmuir II - another evening of ethereal drone music

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Jack Hertz

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Silent Records, America’s premier ambient record label, is bringing their mystical brand of ambient and drone music back to Dunsmuir this October.

Dronesmuir (a portmanteau of the words Dunsmuir and Drone) is the second of a series of music concerts planned by Silent Records for 2019.
Drone music will be performed by three artists on the Silent label:

Jack Hertz (San Francisco)—small hand-percussion and acoustic instruments processed via synthesizer
Stuart McLeod (Portland)—hydrophone, brainwaves, waterphone & digital processing
Mark Schlipper (Seattle)—guitar and effects.

Jack Hertz promises to enthrall the audience with realtime processing via synthesizers of small handmade instruments.

Stuart McLeod’s performance will make use of a hydrophone (underwater microphone) dropped into the underground rivulet below the restaurant. The hydrophone signal, combined with the waterphone will be processed digitally and controlled by the artist’s brainwaves.

Mark Schlipper plays guitar in the Seattle drone-doom band The Luna Moth and will perform a solo guitar drone set.

In addition, Jack Hertz will be speaking with music students at College of the Siskiyous at noon on Friday, October 18.

The Wheelhouse will have food and beverages available for purchase, and Silent Records will have a merchandise table stocked with releases by these artists and many rarities from the Silent Records vault.

Sound by China Cat Sound

About the artists:

Jack Hertz
Inspired by the mystery of life, Jack Hertz manipulates sound to create intangible techno- oganic impressions between music and noise. Jack’s live performance will present a journey into the sonic middle ground between the real and the artificial utilizing instruments, found objects, field recordings, and real-time processing to create a sonic environment the audience can explore. Jack has been composing and recording music for more than 30 years. More on his work can be found at JackHertz.com

Stuart McLeod
Stuart McLeod has composed music for film, stage, and concert hall, for classical, improv, and rock groups. He has played with Gamelan Northwest and led the experimental group
SIL2K. Stuart studied composition with Richard Karpen, William O. Smith and Kenneth Benshoof. Current investigations deal with composition vs. improvisation, conscious vs. unconscious will, and the concept of ‘self’. He’ll be performing a piece processing sounds from a hydrophone and waterphone with brain wave activity from an EEG headset controlling audio processing software. More information on his work can be found at stuartmcleod.bandcamp.com.

Mark Schlipper
Restless and prone to experimentation, Mark got his start playing music in the 80’s in Washington, DC, studying the avant garde in libraries and hardcore in garages. Moving
to North Carolina in the early 90’s he began exploring the psychoactive effects of drone, repetition, and particular frequency ranges, sometimes in solo performances, sometimes
in groups. In the late 90’s, he eventually brought his odd blend of genres and styles with him to the Pacific Northwest where his solo work has continued to evolve and shape-shift.
“One of my bands released a new album, heavier and darker than previous releases, and it gained some attention, in part for my contribution on guitar, and the nature of the drone I
was inclined toward. This led me to explore the element of drone more fully in my solo work—taking those things that were background or accent, and making them the focus. This new
work tends toward a more ‘maximalist’ approach, with any lighter moments, as the accents, to help draw out the rest. Ideally creating a sound that is a physical presence in the room and in the head.” —Mark Schlipper

The Wheelhouse
5841 Sacramento Ave,
Dunsmuir, CA 96025
Telephone: (530) 678-3502

Listen: silentrecords.bandcamp.com
For more information contact: kim@silentrecords.us



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