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Modular World First Anniversary Show


Jack Hertz



May 8 and 9, 2021, starting at NOON PACIFIC, we are proud to showcase 130 artists from 24 countries as we celebrate a great year for the show and the global modular community. This will be a live-stream that will last well over 24hrs. Please subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so you don't miss when this historic event goes live! All performers listed below.

The show starts May 8th at 12 Noon Pacific time here on their YouTube channel - Modular World

This fantastic promo for the Modular World First Anniversary Show was created by Cinematic Laboratory, a top notch artist dedicated to modular synthesis--definitely worth investigating. Many thanks!! Please visit his channel: https://www.youtube.com/CinematicLaboratory




5tok3 (US)
A.M. Filipkowski (US)
a773 (Denmark)
Alex Barnett (US)
Alias Zone (US)
Allert Alders (Netherlands)
Alphastare (US)
Amphiprion (Germany)
Analog Monoxide (Norway)
Angelia (France)
Aqeel Aadam (US)
Arthur Hnatek (Switzerland)
Attowatt (Germany)
Ava Koohbor (US)
Bachelard (Canada)
Balance.Spring (US)
Baséput (Indonesia)
BBoyTech (US)
Bertolt Meyer (Germany)
Blakmoth (US)
Calytrix (US)
Chantal deFelice (US)
Cinematic Laboratory (Netherlands)
Circle Temple (US)
Collin Russell (US)
Dahlia Fae (US)
Dangerous Robot (US)
Death Whistle (Spain)
DJ CherishTheLuv (US)
Dream Chambers (US)
Drum & Lace (US)
Dub Station Zero (US)
Dysonant (US)
earth_626 (US)
Eden Grey (US)
electric.kitchen (US)
Elin Piel (Sweden)
Etchasketch (Wales)
Forestine (Canada)
Frae Frae: Daughter of Drexciya (US)
Franck Martin (US)
Genshi (US)
Gerald Fjord (US)
Golf With Ghosts (US)
H. Anton Riehl (US)
Ice Locus (Canada)
ioflow (US)
j.mccoy (US)
JacqNoise (Germany)
Jens Paldam (Denmark)
Johannes Karkia (Finland)
John McKenna (US)
Johno Wells (US)
Jungle of Wires (Netherlands)
Kako Guzman (US)
Kerblamski (US)
KIN (S. Korea)
Kitty Xiao (Australia)
Kittyspit (US)
Koyl (France)
Kyle Munroe (US)
Lisa Belladonna (US)
Little Ambient Machine (Netherlands)
Loya (France)
Malarki (US)
Marci.DH (US)
Marie Ann Hedonia (US)
Marika Tjelios (US)
Mark Mosher (US)
Megan Leber  (Netherlands)
Michelle Osis (Canada)
Mike Dobler (US)
Mike Lee Birds (Netherlands)
Modekt (US)
Monoscene (US)
Morphacoustic (US)
Moxy Martinez (US)
Mylar Melodies (UK)
Nasty Nachos (US)
Navicore (US)
Night on Mars (UK)
Nundale (US)
Omri Cohen (Germany)
OSC-1-Nation (US)
Pablo Perez (US)
Patrick Donze (Singapore)
Paul Tas (Netherlands)
P.O.B. (US)
Postulous (US)
Probbie (UK)
Pulpit (Turkey)
r.domain (Australia)
Ramón Amezcua (Mexico)
r beny (US)
Renku Corp (US)
Rick Batyr (US)
Saddle Up the Robots (US)
Sarah Belle Reid (US)
Sendepause (Netherlands)
Sequenox (US)
Silent Strike (Romania)
Sine Mountain (US)
Snakes of Russia (US)
Sonja (Canada)
Space Racer (US)
Stujay (US)
TÆT (Russia)
TakCharkh (Iran)
Tangled Waves (Canada)
Thamel (Belgium)
The Aefonic (US)
The B-Roll (US)
the soul science (Japan)
The Surging Mass (US)
Thynk (US)
Tim Held (US)
Todd Barton (US)
Tom Hall (US)
Trovarsi (US)
Tulpa Dusha (Netherlands)
Tunegirl (Germany)
VoltageCTRLR (US)
WabiSabi (US)
Walker Farrell (US)
Wells Oliver (US)
Woke-Ass Messiah (US)
Wounds (US)
xandr.vasiliev (Russia)

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