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Michael Brückner: Thirteen Rites of Passage

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My album Thirteen Rites of Passage was actually already released on Tuesday, the 14th of January 2014, on SynGate Records.

However, since it's my most recent release, I thought why not start with it? ;)

The seven tracks - most of them Berlin School type of electronica - are based on live recordings that took place over the year 2013 (both actual concert recordings, but also live in the studio - improvisations from the preceding rehearsals and preparations.)

However, "Thirteen Rites of Passage" is no live album in the traditional sense, as many of the tracks are edited and mixed with one another to create a unique new album.

Here's a trailer:

...and here's SynGate's Bandcamp page:



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AND, its probably not a good idea to post releases as new, today if they are not. The calendar app is truly for announcing new releases. It is misleading to others to use a different day, but I don't have a problem with adding albums to the calendar at their true release date.


Please DO share anything already out in the Albums forum. That is what its for.

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