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Drone Excursion 002: Into The Industrial Complex

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Scott Lawlor

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I am honored to announce the second release in my drone excursion series. I'd like to thank Thomas of Weareallghosts for supporting this project by releasing these installations.

In case you missed it last month ... Scott Lawlor has been inspired by the work of Cousin Silas and is going on his own journey into post-sixty minute soundscapes. He intends to producing a series of these drone.excursion longform pieces and I am proud to support him with this endeavour.

drone.excursion.002 (waag_dex002) aka 'Into the Industrial Complex' is a subtler piece ... less dissonant than the first drone.excursion whilst still retaining the sense of movement that was conveyed by its predecessor. It gives the impression of artifice ... of the man-made ... and yet is no less relaxing.

drone.excursion.002 (waag_dex002) is really rather a delightful longform drone and I really do hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.



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