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[FNet059] Project 4.2

New Releases

This second instalment of the 'Project 4' series once again showcases the talent of each artist when only four samples are provided to compose their music with.

If you were impressed by the skills used in the original Project 4 compilation then get ready to be blown away by this unique and stunning exhibition of artwork.

The original four samples were provided by users from the freesound.org project and are included in the release package.

Compiled by L.Bridge

Artwork by Prisp

sample1: andrew duke - ad

sample2: jobro - feast for the beast

sample3: from freesound org - sexual intercourse female moans

sample4: pablo v - chord one

01.Plutonium Telecom - Like I Give A Flying

02.Prisp - Krulu Prisp Wastes No Time Edit

03.My Own Cubic Stone - My Samplers Sadness

04.Leithal - Project 4 2 2

05.Illusion Of Presence - 4ganism

06.Fafnirrockson - Breezy

07.Hellscion - - 2

08.L.Bridge - Education For Two

09.Delcraft - Comfort Death And Resurrection

10.Seb D - Phucktorie

11.Waverine - 4Play

12.Delcraft - You Want Me To Ill Tell You

Released: 27th Apr 2014 By Various

License: by-nc-sa 3.0

Tags: sample mindfuck experimental electronic

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